Added basic support for message highlighting. Note that this needs quite
[squirrelmail.git] / TODO
8d1e276c 1Ideas to be implemented
1da5bf35 3
18c1b901 4initials = taken by that person
8f5456d1 6(pl?) Importing of address books
2a32fc83 7(nre) Use PHP4 Session management, get rid of cookies
18c1b901 8 - Make it possible to save preferences in MySQL DB or on Filesystem
c973661d 9 - Configurable headers shown on the message listing, like: cc, to, etc
18c1b901 10 - Filters
11 - Better inline HTML support including graphics (content-disposition)
1e0628fb 12 - Rewrite of mime.php (see Gustav before any work is done)
6441f7c6 13 - Make Location redirects absolute rather than relative (index.php)
eac68473 14 - Foreground themes
e1c11171 15(glp) When deleting or moving messages (empty trash too), go back to the
26adfcbd 16 list for the mail box you were looking at without having to click
17 a link
26a9c260 18(mcp) Spell checking
85cb1a39 19 - Search mailbox(es) for given criteria
db673aae 20(lme) Background highlighting messages in list based on header criteria (like pine 4.2x)
e5b8fc82 21
7151188f 25(lme) (24.3.00) Saving sent messages
26(lme) (24.3.00) Fix "Seen" bug with UW IMAP server
27(lme) (24.3.00) Add "subscribe" to folders section
28(pl) (25.3.00) LDAP support for address books
29(pl) (2.4.00) Personal address book management
30(nre) (2.4.00) Better handling emptying Trash folder. Some servers don't allow deleting it (Courier)
7b744c03 31(lme) (9.4.00) Better email message body parsing
7151188f 32(lme) (10.4.00) Advanced statuses on messages (Seen, Answered, etc)
9c83f905 33(glp) (12.4.00) Customize how many messages are shown at once while reading a mailbox
1e0628fb 34(nre) (16.4.00) Navigation between messages without going to folder list (next, prev)
35(nre) (16.4.00) Cache the sorted messages in mailbox and use that for navigation inside
36 of mailbox (next 25, prev 25, etc.)
7b744c03 37(lme) (21.4.00) Configure script