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815d9ba0 1/*****************************************************************
76911253 2 * Release Notes: SquirrelMail 1.4.0 Release Candidate 1 *
3 * 31 December 2002 *
815d9ba0 4 *****************************************************************/
a67a0f59 6In this edition of SquirrelMail Release Notes:
7 * All about this Release!!!
3eb34ffd 8 * Major updates
76911253 9 * A note on plugins
a23d0264 10 * Reporting my favorite SquirrelMail 1.3 bug
e6927484 11 * About our Release Aliases
a67a0f59 12
13All about this Release!!!
815d9ba0 15
76911253 16This is the first Release Candidate (RC) for the 1.4.x stable series.
17Please note that this release is not yet labeled STABLE officially.
19However, we've been running this on a number of systems and a variety
20of configs and we think it's worthy of the "stable"-title. Before we
21can call it stable we want to test it on as many systems as possible
22to iron out the last issues.
a23d0264 23
24So download it! Install it, and try to break it! We are hungry for any
76911253 25bug report you send.
a23d0264 27
3eb34ffd 28Major updates
76911253 31The 1.4.0 series (as a result of 1.3 devel series) brings:
3eb34ffd 32
76911253 33* A complete rewrite of the way we send mail (Deliver-class),
34 and of the way we parse mail (MIME-bodystructure parsing).
35 This makes SquirrelMail more reliable and more efficient
36 at the same time!
37* Support for IMAP UID which makes SquirrelMail more reliable.
38* Optimizations to code and the number of IMAP calls.
39* Support for a wider range of authentication mechanisms.
40* Lots of bugfixes and a couple of UI-tweaks.
3eb34ffd 41
3eb34ffd 42
a23d0264 43
44A note on plugins
47There have been very severe architecture improvements. Lots of plugins
48have not yet been adapted to this. Plugins which are distributed with
49this release (eg. in the same .tar.gz file) may work. Plugins not
50distributed with this plugin most probably WILL NOT WORK.
52So if you have ANY problem at all, first try turning off all plugins.
76911253 54
a23d0264 55A note on your configuration
a67a0f59 57
a23d0264 58For a whole bunch of reasons, it is MANDATORY that you run
59(and then save your configuration) from the config/ directory before
60using this release.
a67a0f59 61
a23d0264 62If you have problems with UID support, please do these 2 things:
641) For our comfort and the prosper of SquirrelMail:
65 send a bugreport with this information
66 * IMAP server type + version
67 * Whether you use server-side sorting
68 * Whether you use thread sorting
69 * The value of "sort" (as in
70 bugs can be submitted at:
712) For your own pleasure and comfort:
76911253 72 turn of UID support in, so you can continue to use 1.4.0
a23d0264 73
76911253 75Reporting my favorite SquirrelMail 1.4 bug
a23d0264 76==========================================
76911253 78This RC is meant to catch the last bugs. So we need you to submit
79any bug you come across! Also, please mention that the bug is in
80this 1.4.0 RC1 release.
a67a0f59 81
84Thank you for your cooperation in that issue. That helps us to make
85sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Also, it would help if
86people would check existing tracker items for a bug before reporting
87it again. This would help to eliminate duplicate reports, and
88increase the time we can spend CODING by DECREASING the time we
89spend sorting through bug reports. And remember, check not only OPEN
90bug reports, but also closed ones as a bug that you report MAY have
91been fixed in CVS already.
a23d0264 93In case you want to join us on coding SquirrelMail, or have other
94things to share with the developers, join the development mailinglist:
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a23d0264 96
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815d9ba0 99 Happy SquirrelMailing!
100 - The SquirrelMail Project Team