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815d9ba0 1/*****************************************************************
3eb34ffd 2 * Release Notes: SquirrelMail 1.3.2 *
3 * The "Nut cracker" Release *
4 * 29 October 2002 *
815d9ba0 5 *****************************************************************/
a67a0f59 7In this edition of SquirrelMail Release Notes:
8 * All about this Release!!!
3eb34ffd 9 * Major updates
10 * A note on solved bugs
a23d0264 11 * Reporting my favorite SquirrelMail 1.3 bug
e6927484 12 * About our Release Aliases
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14All about this Release!!!
815d9ba0 16
3eb34ffd 17This is the third release on our way to a new stable series.
a23d0264 18On our way to, that is, this is a development release, which is not
19intended for production servers. We feel that releasing development
20versions will help us making the to-be stable release more stable, and
21restricting the ability to test no longer to people who use CVS.
23So download it! Install it, and try to break it! We are hungry for any
24bug report you send. If stumbling over a bug is a true non-option,
25this release is not for you. In that case, download the stable version
26and enjoy that one.
28In general, we are planning to regularly release a 1.3.x version until
29it is stable enough to call her 1.4 or 2.0. While I'm at it, one
30comment on version numbers. Our version numbers take the form of A.B.C
31 A increases with time, but only very seldomly.
32 B if it is even (0, 2, 4 etc), it is a stable release
33 if it is odd (1, 3, 5 etc), it is a development release
34 C indicates small changes.
35Which is to say our version numbering system is the same as that of
3eb34ffd 36the linux kernel. So 1.2.9 is a stable version, and 1.3.2 (this one)
a23d0264 37is a development release.
ebea1016 39We are excited to bring you the fruits of a very good development
40series. Major rewrites of the back-end and the user interface have
41been happening since the 1.2 series.
a23d0264 42
3eb34ffd 43Major updates
46To summarize the major updates in the 1.3.2 release:
47* The support of register globals = off
48* A complete rewrite of the way we send mail (Deliver-class)
49* Lot's of bugfixes.
52A note on solved bugs
55After the release of 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 we received lots of usefull bug-reports.
56At this moment we can say that most issues are solved.
57One of the biggest bug reporter was Cor Bosman from the dutch ISP XS4ALL.
58They scheduled the use of SquirrelMail 1.3.2 because of it's UID support.
59At this moment they are switched over to 1.3.2 CVS and it's running fine on
60the production servers. The imap-server load was dropped significantly and
61that's exactly what we tried to establish in the DEVEL branche.
a23d0264 63
64A note on plugins
67There have been very severe architecture improvements. Lots of plugins
68have not yet been adapted to this. Plugins which are distributed with
69this release (eg. in the same .tar.gz file) may work. Plugins not
70distributed with this plugin most probably WILL NOT WORK.
72So if you have ANY problem at all, first try turning off all plugins.
a23d0264 74A note on your configuration
a67a0f59 76
a23d0264 77For a whole bunch of reasons, it is MANDATORY that you run
78(and then save your configuration) from the config/ directory before
79using this release.
a67a0f59 80
a23d0264 81If you have problems with UID support, please do these 2 things:
831) For our comfort and the prosper of SquirrelMail:
84 send a bugreport with this information
85 * IMAP server type + version
86 * Whether you use server-side sorting
87 * Whether you use thread sorting
88 * The value of "sort" (as in
89 bugs can be submitted at:
902) For your own pleasure and comfort:
3eb34ffd 91 turn of UID support in, so you can continue to use 1.3.2
a23d0264 92
94Reporting my favorite SquirrelMail 1.3 bug
97It is not unlikely you will experience some bugs while using this
98development version. Please submit these bugs. Also, please mention
3eb34ffd 99that the bug is in this 1.3.2 release.
a67a0f59 100
103Thank you for your cooperation in that issue. That helps us to make
104sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Also, it would help if
105people would check existing tracker items for a bug before reporting
106it again. This would help to eliminate duplicate reports, and
107increase the time we can spend CODING by DECREASING the time we
108spend sorting through bug reports. And remember, check not only OPEN
109bug reports, but also closed ones as a bug that you report MAY have
110been fixed in CVS already.
a23d0264 112In case you want to join us on coding SquirrelMail, or have other
113things to share with the developers, join the development mailinglist:
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a23d0264 115
815d9ba0 116
0ca033d5 117
3eb34ffd 118About our Release Aliases
0ca033d5 119=========================
3eb34ffd 120With the release of 1.3.2 we can say we realy cracked some nuts regarding
121hard to solve issues.
122Future devel versions will continue carrying "Nut" releasenames
123to keep the squirrel satisfied. Since winter is coming we better hurry up
124with new "Nut" releases. We don't want a death squirrel due to starvation.
125So next time you see a squirrel feed him nuts, think about SquirrelMail and
126a new friendship is born.
0ca033d5 127
0ca033d5 128
815d9ba0 129 Happy SquirrelMailing!
130 - The SquirrelMail Project Team