Fixed case on "Forward as Attachment" option in envelope toolbar.
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815d9ba0 1/*****************************************************************
3f29e7cb 2 * Release Notes: SquirrelMail 1.2.6 *
3 * The "Two Journeys" Release *
4 * 29 April 2002 *
815d9ba0 5 *****************************************************************/
a67a0f59 7In this edition of SquirrelMail Release Notes:
8 * All about this Release!!!
077c0273 9 * Reporting my favorite SquirrelMail 1.2 bug
3f29e7cb 10 * Important Note about PHP 4.2.0
e6927484 11 * About our Release Aliases
a67a0f59 12
13All about this Release!!!
815d9ba0 15
3f29e7cb 16Squirrelmail.
17It's feature set is that of a desktop client.
18It's ease of use is unheard of.
19It's ..ehem.. bug free.
20There is nowhere else to go...
21Except to the 1.2.6 stable version of Squirrelmail!!
23 We are excited to bring you the latest and greatest Squirrelmail release
24to date. More features you say? You got it. Better performance is what
25you need? Expect it. Looking for a Sqirrelmail with less bugs? It is here.
26Here are some highlights:
28 * Greatly improved Cross Site Scripting Protection with a new custom
29 html filter.
30 * Improved search and filter functions, allowing for non-ascii search
31 and filter criteria.
32 * Server side sorting capability to improve performance with large
33 mailboxes.
34 * Most importantly, Many, many bugfixes. And more bugfixes. did I mention
35 bugfixes?
d22a4aea 36
37See the Changelog file for details.
3f29e7cb 39 Being one of the most popular webmail clients, the developers of
0a5df841 40SquirrelMail feel a huge desire and responsibility to continue push
a67a0f59 41the envelope and make SquirrelMail the best it can possibly be. You
42will not be disappointed with this release, as it is by far the most
0a5df841 43feature rich, and yet it is still the same sleek and unbloated and
a67a0f59 44cuddly webmail application that we have all grown to love. Here is
3f29e7cb 45an incomplete list of some of the great features that Squirrelmail
46has to offer:
815d9ba0 47
0a5df841 48 * Collapsible Folders - The folder list can be collapsed at any
a67a0f59 49 parent folder. This makes folder lists with large
0a5df841 50 hierarchical structures much easier to manage and navigate.
3f29e7cb 51 * Fix for the "theme passed as cookie" exploit posted to the bug-
52 traq mailing list.
815d9ba0 53 * The Paginator! - This enables quick access to any page in the
54 message list by simply choosing the page number to view
55 rather than tediously clicking "next" 50 times.
56 * Hundreds of UI tweaks - The user interface has been given a
0a5df841 57 face-lift. The HTML has been largely overhauled, and while
815d9ba0 58 it still has the same general feel, it has been made more
0a5df841 59 intuitive.
815d9ba0 60 * Drafts - It is now possible to compose a message and save it to
61 be sent at a later date with the drafts option.
3f29e7cb 62 * Ability to mark messages as read and unread from the message listing.
815d9ba0 63 * New Options Page - The options page has been completely
64 rewritten for several reasons, the main of which was to
65 allow seamless integration of plugin options and to
66 provide uniformity throughout the entire section.
67 * Multiple Identities - It is now possible to create different
68 identities (home, work, school) that can be chosen upon
a67a0f59 69 sending. Each identity can have its own email address,
815d9ba0 70 full name, and signature.
3f29e7cb 71 * Ability to forward messages as attachments from the message listing.
815d9ba0 72 * Reply Citations - Different types of citations are now possible
73 when replying to messages.
74 * Better Attachment Handling - The plugin, attachment_common, has
75 been fully integrated into the core of SquirrelMail. This
76 allows inline viewing of several different types of
77 attachments.
78 * Integration of Several Plugins - The following plugins have been
a67a0f59 79 put directly into the core. As a result, be sure not to
80 install these as plugins, as the result may be (at best)
0a5df841 81 unpredictable: attachment_common, paginator, priority,
a67a0f59 82 printer_friendly, sqclock, xmailer.
3f29e7cb 83 * Improved support for newer versions of PHP. Recommended versions
84 are 4.0.3 -> 4.1.2.
85 * Server-side sorting support adds speed to the mailbox display, even
86 with large mailboxes. Server-sid thread sorting support allows
87 users to display mailboxes in thread-sort order.
815d9ba0 88
3f29e7cb 89
90I am sure there are plenty more features I have missed. You just have
91to try it for yourself!
93Having been involved with Squirrelmail for a while I can safely say
94that this stable release has the most bugfixes to date. The invaluable
95contributions of the Squirrelmail community, from developers and users
96alike have helped to make this release of Squirrelmail the best yet.
815d9ba0 97
98 Home Page:
99 Download:
100 ScreenShots:
a67a0f59 102
077c0273 103Reporting my favorite SquirrelMail 1.2 bug
a67a0f59 105
c17f5025 106Of course, in the words of Linus Torvalds, this release is officially
107certified to be Bug-Free (tm).
a67a0f59 108
0a5df841 109However, if for some reason some bugs manage to find their way to the
110surface, please report them at once (after all, they ARE uncertified
111bugs!!!) The PROPER place to report these bugs is the SquirrelMail Bug
a67a0f59 113
116Thank you for your cooperation in that issue. That helps us to make
117sure that nothing slips through the cracks. Also, it would help if
118people would check existing tracker items for a bug before reporting
119it again. This would help to eliminate duplicate reports, and
120increase the time we can spend CODING by DECREASING the time we
121spend sorting through bug reports. And remember, check not only OPEN
122bug reports, but also closed ones as a bug that you report MAY have
123been fixed in CVS already.
3f29e7cb 126Important Note about PHP 4.2.0
a67a0f59 127==============================
3f29e7cb 129 A few days before this release, PHP 4.2.0 hit the net. The Squirrelmail
130team has not had a chance to test this new version of PHP with the 1.2.6
131release. The recommended versions of PHP for Squirrelmail 1.2.6 is 4.0.3
132through 4.1.2.
815d9ba0 133
0ca033d5 134
3f29e7cb 135About our Release Aliases - By Jason Munro
0ca033d5 136=========================
3f29e7cb 138Squirrelmail has started on a new journey.
139Two journeys really.
141In one, our beloved hero delves deep inside its squirrel-self,
142searching for calmness and peace with its surroundings.
143Striving to hone its squirrel-skills against any and all obstacles.
145This is the stable path.
147In the other, our champion has shed the failures of its past and
148started anew on a wild adventure through uncharted territory. The
149dangers are great, but so are the rewards.
d22a4aea 150
3f29e7cb 151This is the development path.
d22a4aea 152
d22a4aea 153
3f29e7cb 154 Squirrelmail 1.2.6 is the latest stepping-stone on the stable
155path. It leads to a Squirrelmail of unseen dependablity and
157 Squirrelmail 2.0 development has begun. This is the first step
158on the journey down the development path. New worlds of possiblity
159are opening up with each step.
e6927484 160
3f29e7cb 161Forget what you thought you knew about Squirrelmail,
162and get ready for a whole new nut.
0ca033d5 163
0ca033d5 164
815d9ba0 165 Happy SquirrelMailing!
166 - The SquirrelMail Project Team