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815d9ba0 1/*****************************************************************
7669bfac 2 * Release Notes: SquirrelMail 1.4.0 Release Candidate 2a *
3 * 24 January 2002 *
815d9ba0 4 *****************************************************************/
a67a0f59 6In this edition of SquirrelMail Release Notes:
7 * All about this Release!!!
f11c804f 8 * A note on PHP 4.3.x
3eb34ffd 9 * Major updates
76911253 10 * A note on plugins
534a34a2 11 * Reporting my favorite SquirrelMail 1.4 bug
a67a0f59 12
13All about this Release!!!
815d9ba0 15
56807b09 16This is the second and hopefully last Release Candidate (RC) for the
171.4.x stable series. Please note that this release is not yet labeled
18STABLE officially.
76911253 19
7669bfac 20It is labeled RC 2a because RC 2 was released but pulled back soon
21after because a serious bug was found that needed to be fixed. Thanks
22to Jason Munro for discovering this bug.
76911253 24However, we've been running this on a number of systems and a variety
25of configs and we think it's worthy of the "stable"-title. Before we
26can call it stable we want to test it on as many systems as possible
27to iron out the last issues.
a23d0264 28
56807b09 29In response to RC1, quite some issues were reported AND fixed! We now
30hope that SquirrelMail is really ready to be called STABLE. We need you
31to verify that this is true!
a23d0264 33So download it! Install it, and try to break it! We are hungry for any
56807b09 34bug report you send. Even the smallest issue deserves to be fixed.
76911253 35
f11c804f 36A note on PHP 4.3.x
39While the developers realize that PHP 4.3.x is the "latest and greatest"
40version of PHP to be available, SquirrelMail has not been extensively
41tested with it. There may be potential session issues with PHP 4.3.x,
42and PHP by default has a session warning which will need to be disabled
43if you wish to use it with SquirrelMail.
45Put simply: The SquirrelMail team does not recommend the use of
46PHP 4.3.x with SquirrelMail at this time.
48SquirrelMail will put a large ugly warning about the use of PHP 4.3.x on
49the login screen unless you add "$shootMyFootOff = true;" to
50config/config_local.php, or downgrade PHP.
a23d0264 51
3eb34ffd 52Major updates
76911253 55The 1.4.0 series (as a result of 1.3 devel series) brings:
3eb34ffd 56
76911253 57* A complete rewrite of the way we send mail (Deliver-class),
58 and of the way we parse mail (MIME-bodystructure parsing).
59 This makes SquirrelMail more reliable and more efficient
60 at the same time!
61* Support for IMAP UID which makes SquirrelMail more reliable.
62* Optimizations to code and the number of IMAP calls.
63* Support for a wider range of authentication mechanisms.
64* Lots of bugfixes and a couple of UI-tweaks.
3eb34ffd 65
3eb34ffd 66
a23d0264 67A note on plugins
534a34a2 70There have been major plugin architecture improvements. Lots of plugins
a23d0264 71have not yet been adapted to this. Plugins which are distributed with
534a34a2 72this release (eg. in the same .tar.gz file) should work. Plugins not
a23d0264 73distributed with this plugin most probably WILL NOT WORK.
75So if you have ANY problem at all, first try turning off all plugins.
76911253 77
a23d0264 78A note on your configuration
a67a0f59 80
a23d0264 81For a whole bunch of reasons, it is MANDATORY that you run
82(and then save your configuration) from the config/ directory before
83using this release.
a67a0f59 84
a23d0264 85If you have problems with UID support, please do these 2 things:
534a34a2 871) For our comfort and the prosperity of SquirrelMail, send a bug
88 report with this information:
a23d0264 89 * IMAP server type + version
90 * Whether you use server-side sorting
91 * Whether you use thread sorting
92 * The value of "sort" (as in
534a34a2 93 Bugs can be submitted at:
a23d0264 952) For your own pleasure and comfort:
534a34a2 96 Turn off UID support in, so you can continue to use 1.4.0
97 while the developers look at your report.
a23d0264 98
76911253 100Reporting my favorite SquirrelMail 1.4 bug
a23d0264 101==========================================
76911253 103This RC is meant to catch the last bugs. So we need you to submit
104any bug you come across! Also, please mention that the bug is in
56807b09 105this 1.4.0 RC2 release.
a67a0f59 106
534a34a2 109Thanks for your cooperation with this. That helps us to make
110sure nothing slips through the cracks. Also, it would help if
a67a0f59 111people would check existing tracker items for a bug before reporting
112it again. This would help to eliminate duplicate reports, and
113increase the time we can spend CODING by DECREASING the time we
114spend sorting through bug reports. And remember, check not only OPEN
115bug reports, but also closed ones as a bug that you report MAY have
116been fixed in CVS already.
534a34a2 118If you want to join us in coding SquirrelMail, or have other
a23d0264 119things to share with the developers, join the development mailinglist:
a67a0f59 120
a23d0264 121
815d9ba0 122
0ca033d5 123
815d9ba0 124 Happy SquirrelMailing!
125 - The SquirrelMail Project Team