changed the wording in the INSTALL and README files to better
[squirrelmail.git] / INSTALL
f8f9bed9 1Sorry for the incomplete documentation at this time. Here is a quick
2overview of how to install SquirrelMail.
c5ec0a4a 41. Make Apache (or whatever web server) happy with PHP4.
f8f9bed9 5
62. Unarchive SquirrelMail in a subdirectory that is accessable by the
7 web server. EX: /home/httpd/html/squirrelmail-0.1
93. Edit the config file, config/config.php
114. Point your browser to the location you specified in step 2.
12 In this example, it's: http://YOURHOST/squirrelmail-0.1/index.html