removing config.php from the cvs. instead use config_default.php
[squirrelmail.git] / INSTALL
f8f9bed9 1Sorry for the incomplete documentation at this time. Here is a quick
2overview of how to install SquirrelMail.
9b57e848 41. Configure PHP4 --with-gettext for internationalization.
f8f9bed9 5
9b57e848 62. Make Apache (or whatever web server) happy with PHP4.
83. Unarchive SquirrelMail in a subdirectory that is accessable by the
f8f9bed9 9 web server. EX: /home/httpd/html/squirrelmail-0.1
9b57e848 114. Edit the config file, config/config.php
f8f9bed9 12
9b57e848 135. Change the permissons for the "data/" directory so it's writable to
65b14f90 14 the web server. Under Red Hat Linux 6.0, this is done by:
33daaa7d 16 chown -R nobody data
17 chgrp -R nobody data
65b14f90 18
19 "nobody" is the user and group for the apache server for this
20 example.
9b57e848 226. Point your browser to the location you specified in step 2.
f8f9bed9 23 In this example, it's: http://YOURHOST/squirrelmail-0.1/index.html