Added IMAP speed imrpovements from the guys at XS4ALL
[squirrelmail.git] / ChangeLog
d632bf70 1Version 1.1.3 -- DEVELOPMENT
91f68e94 3- Added major speed improvements to IMAP functions by our friends at XS4ALL
ab2f090d 4- Fixed MOTD
5- Fixed multipart/alternative messages
4c0722a1 6- Updated Dutch translation
73d9de4e 7- Added Indonesian translation
8- Added Portuguese (Portugal) translation
9- Added language aliasing
d632bf70 10
c2fabbf4 11Version 1.1.2 -- May 21, 2001
13- Many bugs squashed
14- Several UI tweaks and improvements
f7bfc9de 15- Added option (3 -> 14 in to auto create sent and trash folders.
16- Updated Czech translation
aaf9abef 17- Support for multiple identities
f7bfc9de 18- Support for Russian Apache removed. It is now deemed easier to just turn
19 off Charset Recoding in the Russian Apache config. See doc/README.russian_apache
60ad318c 20
21Version 1.1.1 -- April 30, 2001
23- Added built-in support for gettext if compiled support isn't available
ab7c676f 24- Made validate.php include a few more standard things
25- Corrected a bug when sending an email properly
ab68b3f6 26
27Version 1.1.0 -- April 21, 2000
f923b93d 29- Added option to have signout page redirect to another page (patch from Scott Bronson)
30 This can be configured in (Org Prefs)
31- Much improved SMTP error handling (patch from Jeff Evans)
12d61439 32- Preferences are now cached instead of read in every page load.
80bb6546 33- Improved URL parser
d2f4c914 34- Added ability to read HTML messages by default instead of plain text (Display Options)
35- Added authenticated SMTP server support (configure in
36- Rewrote attachment handling code in compose.php
80bb6546 37- If aliases are typed in To, Cc, or Bcc, they are automatically looked up in
38 in the addressbook and converted to the associated addresses.
d2f4c914 39- Added collapseable folder listing (an option that can be turned on in Folder Options)
40- Added alternating row colors to improve interface (Display Options)
ceae39cc 41
7351b45d 42
dbf934ba 44Version 1.0.6 -- April 19, 2001
46- Reworked validation for each page. It's now standardized in validate.php
47- Fixed login bug that resulted from 1.0.5 security updates
48- Fixed plugin incompatibilities that were introduced in 1.0.5
49- Added more security checking to preference saving/loading
50- Updated German translation (thanks to Ronald Bauerschmidt <>)
51- Updated Finnish help files
80bb6546 53Version 1.0.5 -- April 17, 2001
55- MAJOR security issues addressed. Please upgrade as soon as possible.
56- Downloading attachments should work better due to a tip by Ray Black III.
57- Fixed bug with drop-down folder list not containing INBOX
ab7c676f 58- Added Swedish help files Teemu Junnila <>
80bb6546 59- Added Italian help files Antonetti Roberto <>
e40bd151 60
61Version 1.0.4 -- April 9, 2001
63- Fixed some bugs with folder creation
64- Security fix for UW IMAP server to disallow folder paths outside of $folder_prefix
65- Some problems with header encoding/decoding fixed
66- Made subject column take up whatever width is available
67- Added bcc to html addressbook search
69Version 1.0.3 -- March 9, 2001
dbf934ba 71- Many i18n enhancements/fixes
72- Fixed bug with default theme path being set incorrectly
73- Fixed problem when sending/forwarding multiple attachments
49cfb501 74- Made folder drop-down list consistant in look to the other drop-downs
66e1a00e 75- Fixed problem where some attachment filenames would not be displayed
76- Added Finnish help files by Teemu Junnila <>
dbf934ba 77- Updated Norwegian translation
5729a6c1 78- Updated Brazillian Portuguise translation
49cfb501 79
80Version 1.0.2 -- February 8, 2001
4dc79fd1 82- Added a workaround for RedHat's 4.0.4pl1-3 binary package (It's also
83 the same workaround for Konqueror and other PHP installations?)
9d7140c9 84- Select All works through the search
85- Better escaped string handling from POST variables
65f5b1c4 86- Many more code cleanups and optimizations
dbf934ba 87- Added Hungarian translation by Teemu Junnila <>