updated Brazillian Portuguise translation
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ceae39cc 1Version 1.1.0 -- DEVELOPMENT
a4102fd7 3- If aliases are typed in To, Cc, or Bcc, they are automatically lookedup in
4 in the addressbook and converted to the associated addresses.
ceae39cc 5- Added collapseable folder listing (an option that can be turned on)
b3b103cb 6- Added alternating row colors to improve interface
a08f3a00 7- Added Croatian translation by Albert Novak <anovak@pu.carnet.hr>
ceae39cc 8
49cfb501 9Version 1.0.3 -- DEVELOPMENT
68b6d237 10----------------------------
49cfb501 11- Made folder drop-down list consistant in look to the other drop-downs
66e1a00e 12- Fixed problem where some attachment filenames would not be displayed
13- Added Finnish help files by Teemu Junnila <teejun@vallcom.com>
36dfb0c9 14- Removed some regular expressions to help speed folder listings up
5729a6c1 15- Updated Brazillian Portuguise translation
49cfb501 16
17Version 1.0.2 -- February 8, 2001
4dc79fd1 19- Added a workaround for RedHat's 4.0.4pl1-3 binary package (It's also
20 the same workaround for Konqueror and other PHP installations?)
9d7140c9 21- Select All works through the search
22- Better escaped string handling from POST variables
65f5b1c4 23- Many more code cleanups and optimizations
00024c34 24