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07f616ad 1Version 1.0pre2 -- January 15, 2000
47f9c368 3- A number of security fixes
10455998 4- Replaced error messages with better, formatted, and meaningful messages.
5- Fixed "reply all" so that it works intelligently now
eca500d0 6- Made deleted (but not expunged) messages easier to detect (only if $auto_expunge = false)
7- Fixed bug that didn't display size correctly in search results
8- Major memory management and speed improvements with downloading of attachments
3604c641 9- Made $auto_expunge variable actually do something
7379b349 10- Fixed bug that didn't display login failure message
11- Fixed minor bug in sqimap_mailbox_list
12- Added sqimap_capability function to check capabilities of server.
13- Rewrote sqimap_get_delim to use NAMESPACE capability (if available) to get delimiter.
8219a101 14- Added Catalan translation of Help documents by Josep Sanz <>
7379b349 15- Added Taiwan translation by "ching" <>
8219a101 16
17Version 1.0pre1 -- December 14, 2000
19- Fixed bug in sending messages with a blank line with a "."
2752bb16 20- Folder displays have been changed to be more readable in drop-down lists
f644ad10 21- For security, login verification happens, then we're redirected to webmail.php
10359c65 22- Folder sorting now case insensative
40ba4d36 23- added config option to set IMAP folder delimiter rather than always detecting it
23a8095f 24- Made session cookie parameter use PHP's settings rather than making assumptions
25- Select/Deslect all implemented using only HTML (not Javascript)
66289791 26- Fixed default charset that is sent with outbound messages (now user's preferred charset)
5c54e435 27- Sort method saving now transparent to user, and saves between sessions
8ae331c2 28- Now replacing all \n with \r\n before sending the message.
0d455368 29- Added sorting option for NO sorting.. 10000 times faster!
fd0a282a 30- Using <pre> tags for viewing message body instead of <tt> and &nbsp;
31- Added redirection from subdirectories to login page
9db5f5fc 32- Attachments are shown in message index (shown as a "+")
9eea179c 33- Updated attachment plugin support and passing values to hooks (see plugins.txt)
fde32e3f 34- Added file and message size in many locations
8e265988 35- Made message index order customizable (from, subject, date) can be (date, from, subject)
bafefd39 36- Fixed some security problems with uploading attachments
dd389be5 37- When reading, attachments look better and have a better plugin interface
9eea179c 38- Some functions now pass values by reference to save on memory
76a352dd 39- Added Catalan translation from Josep Sanz <>
40- Added Serbian translation from Boris Manojlovic <>
2b996daf 41- Added Polish translation of Help from Krystian Kanabrodzki <>
bafefd39 42
8219a101 44
bafefd39 45Version 0.5 -- September 25, 2000
b731cd83 47- Fixed some problems with downloading attachments in IE
48- If no date is set in header, we take internal date of the imap server
d4ff4d67 49- Fixed some lingering bugs in mime parsing
50- Searching specifies CHARSET option
e2ef6f4b 51- Security fixes
52- Fixed hyperlink rendering problems
54Version 0.5pre2 -- September 6, 2000
6e0fa5e6 56- Added quite a few new themes
ee62ce13 57- Fixed double folder problem on some servers
0493a8d9 58- Using encryption for passwords
3ed2faff 59- Added a patch from Bill Thousand to allow easier virtual domains
60- Security updates with attachments
ef3c69f0 61- Added more hooks for plugins, updated plugin.txt
6e79bfe2 62- Improved HTML address book
63- Fixed bugs in parsing email addresses in smtp.php
f9338626 64- Applied fixes for Courier IMAP server (by Andreas Dahl)
c95df380 65- Fixed some buggy IMAP handling
a2790a61 66- Improved word wrapping
6e79bfe2 67- Fixed bugs with adding and not adding backslashes
68- Made message highlighting case insensative
d6bd1155 69- Added Korean translation from Jong-II Kim <>
ab437544 70- Added Italian translation from Aldo Moresco <>
f7042e37 71- Added French translation from Ali Nedjimi <>
74a7d5b0 72
74a7d5b0 73Version 0.5pre1 -- August 9, 2000
069b4374 75- Searching folders functionality added
d68a3926 76- Date display now is similar to Netscape Messenger
77- Many bugs have been reported to the list, and been squashed
78- Help system developed
24fc5dd2 79- Folder list now shows configurable details about messages
e9f8ea4e 80- It is now possible to select multiple subscribes/unsubscribes
81- Removed a bunch of annoying "success" screens, improved navigation
8d8ab69a 82- Better IMAP session handling
517f5d2d 83- Redid the options section and split it into different parts
84- Added "view all headers" option when reading a message
d25eb936 85- In-Reply-To and References headers are inserted when replying to a message.
c4809aca 86- Changed how attachments are displayed and handled
8beafbbc 87- Rewrote MIME support from scratch, optomizing it an unbelievable amount
9d157cec 88- Added support for message highlighting
db673aae 89- Moved Address and Send buttons on Compose form for easier access
50da5cec 90- Added Polish translation from Lukasz Klimek <casa@LO.Pila.PL>
88c81396 91- Added Swedish translation from Tobias Ekbom
92- Added Brazilian Portuguse translation from Henrique Moura
93- Added Dutch translation from Arjen Halma
cf59dc94 94
e9f8ea4e 96
cf59dc94 97Version 0.4 -- May 15, 2000
80faa2d5 99- If subject is blank, displays "(no subject)"
100- Fixed a few minor bugs and typos reported to list
349ca9f7 101- Changed <? to <?php in a few places
103Version 0.4pre2 -- May 5, 2000
a8194730 104------------------------------
ecf51658 105- Replying sets the "Answered" flag on the original message
106- When message is sent, it sends you to the folder you were looking at.
acaa9842 107- HTML based address book search
a871010c 108- Made folder listing look first at subscribed folders, making it
ecf51658 109 faster, even if you don't have $folder_prefix set.
a871010c 110- Fixed some bugs with default sent and trash folders
111- Fixed some bugs with folder manipulating
a8194730 112
3b3d853f 113Version 0.4pre1 -- April 29, 2000
115- For speed's sake, unseen messages are only noted on INBOX in left
116 folder list. This will change with 0.5.
117- Optomizations, fewer IMAP calls, more efficient sorting algorithms.
be8e07f8 118- Fixed all bugs listed in BUG
119- When inside the Sent folder, it displays "To" instead of "From"
0ac6fb02 120- Added ability to go to Next and Previous message while reading a message
121- Caching of the message headers in mailbox (much faster)
4e0295b2 122- Added a preference that allows users to customize how many messages
123 they see when they index a mailbox
d65ba808 124- Added flag status showing on message list (Answered, Flagged, and Seen)
84439367 125- Now using PHP session management
175e7218 126- Parsing the body for URLs and Email addrs
43fcef5c 127- Added option to configure default folder directory. ie: ~/mail
3a3b5826 128- Configuration script added: config/
73c82cca 129- Addressbook with LDAP support
a3886f39 130- Big speed improvements with folder listing
4debe366 131- Added Subscribe/Unsubscribe to folders
bbd30ac8 132- Fixed bug in UW that didn't mark unseen messages
e5370d43 133- Saving sent messages into $sent_folder
d17b1a71 134- It doesn't bail out if PHP wasn't compiled with --with-gettext.
135 It only uses english in this case.
bdeb5293 136- Added support for Cyrillic (thanks to Artem Botchkov for help)
8c086db6 137- Included information on Russian Apache from Konstantin Riabitsev
6441f7c6 138- Honoring charset parameter for the body.
a9eed94d 139- Changed the way emptying of trash was done to work better
140 across different IMAP servers
d17b1a71 141
ecf51658 143
d17b1a71 144Version 0.3.1 -- March 13, 2000
146- Fixed a bug that didn't allow downloading of attachments
ebb42164 148Version 0.3 (final) -- March 10, 2000
150- Fixed bug in smtp.php and made sending RFC complient
c973661d 151- Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you rename folders with UW server.
152- Other minor bugfixes
154Version 0.3pre2 -- March 5, 2000
37ea6f44 156- Rewrote folder deletion. It works much more flexably now.
b5d86033 157- Fixed message deletion that didn't always delete the right messages.
158- Removed font tags
7973444b 159- Better character translation, especially for i18n
160- Added the choice of language as a user preference
161- Bug fixes, bug fixes, bug fixes
162- Fixed bugs in message moving and deleting
4ca45d7b 163- Rewrote all IMAP functions from scratch
165Version 0.3pre1 -- February 17, 2000
cb8dd416 167- Added user-specific preferences including:
168 Full Name (for outbound messages)
169 Reply-to address
170 Theme
171 Move messages to trash option (true/false)
172 Wrap incoming text at XX characters
173 Editor window size (in characters)
ac2f88c7 174 Time between reloads of the left folder list
175 Signature
cb8dd416 176- Rewrote SMTP functions. It now works and handles error correction.
838f9159 177- Only folders that you're subscribed to will be listed
178- Fixed a bug in outbound messages that translated " into \"
c741cd09 179- Added themes in distribution (7 total)
9295b1ed 180- Added option to send email via sendmail rather than SMTP
60ee701b 181- Increased speed of viewing folder by date about 25%, and viewing the folder by
182 Subject or Sender by up to 100%.
ffc2ccbc 183- Added internationalization
184- Added sending of attachments
ac2f88c7 185- Left folder refreshing at intervals (with META tags)
cb8dd416 186
4ca45d7b 189
78509c54 190Version 0.2.1 -- January 05, 2000
192- Rewrote how MULTIPART messages were handled and made it recursive
193- We now take into account the encoding type rather than guessing
194- Redesigned how attachments are displayed
195- Fixed the bug that wouldn't let you send messages (I hope)
196- Added a "download message" option
197- Added a plain text viewer for text messages
8dc0fb27 199Version 0.2 -- January 02, 2000
4809f489 201- Attachment support (much better MIME support in general)
97be2168 202- Themeable support replaced Custom Colors. Themes are pluggable.
8dc0fb27 203
cb8dd416 205
4ca45d7b 206
8dc0fb27 207Version 0.1.2 -- December 20, 1999
0f1835f3 209- Date translation to local time
8dc0fb27 210- Rewrote folder fetching code universally
211- Added attachment detection (no downloads yet)
212- Fixed many minor bugs that were reported
0f1835f3 213
214Version 0.1.1 -- December 16, 1999
216- Reworked all the IMAP functions to make them RFC 2060 compliant
217 (should work with all IMAP servers)
218- Added color customization
219- Sorted folder list (on left bar)
220- Added MUCH better error correction and notification
d92b6f31 222Version 0.1 -- December 14, 1999
224- Message composing (with to, cc, bcc)
225- Message viewing, including HTML messages
226- Basic MIME support, no attachments...yet
227- Message sorting by Date, Name, or subject
228- Folder manipulation (deleting, creating, moving, and renaming)
229- IMAP email (currently only Cyrus IMAP server has been tested)
230- Many other features that are basic email functionality