2019-09-03 Valessio Soares... Add style news view
2019-08-30 Valessio Soares... styling item-list categories
2019-08-30 Valessio Soares... fix support glyphicons
2019-08-30 Valessio Soares... fix position .visually-hidden with :focus
2019-08-30 Valessio Soares... fix width .ryf-list
2019-08-30 Valessio Soares... Add font Lato
2019-08-30 Valessio Soares... realign breadcumbs
2019-08-30 Valessio Soares... search box on header and hover colors on navbar
2019-08-29 Valessio Soares... style button more-link and icon feed rss
2019-08-29 Valessio Soares... reduce number of colors for links/hover
2019-08-29 Valessio Soares... fix priorite using GNU FreeFont
2019-08-14 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated license of piwik embed code
2019-08-13 Andrew Engelbrechtadded piwik tracking code to footer
2019-08-12 Andrew Engelbrechtview header sytle only for vendors taxonomy terms
2019-08-06 Andrew Engelbrechtadded FSF nav header to ryf1p
2019-08-06 Andrew Engelbrechtre-add thin border to ryf logo
2019-08-06 Andrew Engelbrechtcss for vendor support url + email addresses
2019-08-05 Andrew Engelbrechtfix auto clear issue for custom 2 colum mode
2019-08-05 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed color / border / background of navbar links
2019-08-05 Andrew Engelbrechtbe more specific for search results elements
2019-08-05 Andrew Engelbrechtbetter spacing between divs on mobile
2019-08-02 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated privacy policy link in footer
2019-08-02 Andrew Engelbrechtreorganized some css
2019-08-02 Andrew Engelbrechtlinkify images in search results
2019-07-31 Andrew Engelbrechtcenter tall but narrow images in product pages
2019-07-31 Andrew Engelbrechtadjusted product teaser image size / margin
2019-07-31 Andrew Engelbrechtadded a hack so rows don't get jumbled up
2019-07-31 Andrew Engelbrechttheming for the "more..." links
2019-07-31 Andrew Engelbrechtchanges to css based on updated element classes
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtshrink another h2
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtinitial theming for search results
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtadd some space
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtresize admin edit links on resized pages
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtdon't make front page narrow on large screens
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtcondensed css rules, added a margin to a div
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtput each css selector on its own line
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtadded theming for news items
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechttweaked feed links margin
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtcolor adjustment to extra images block
2019-07-30 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated colors of vendor / categories blocks
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtadd some padding in vendors list on small screens
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtfix wide text body on taxonomy term pages
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtfix for centering vendors list
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechttweak to color theme
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtdisplay categories w bullet points on product page
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtadded some preliminary colors to product page
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtmoved general css line further up
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtimproved centering of product thumbnails
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtcondensed some duplicate code
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtadded css code for taxonomy term page headers
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtimproved element spacing in edge case scenario
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtimproved product arrangement for x-small screens
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtwhitespace changes
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtadjusted display of product thumbnail images
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtthemed vendors listing page / view
2019-07-29 Andrew Engelbrechtmake imgs appear less warped on product listsings
2019-07-26 Andrew Engelbrechtgenerlized shared code between screen sizes
2019-07-26 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated product view css, added mobile view
2019-07-26 Andrew Engelbrechtinitial css code for product views
2019-07-26 Andrew Engelbrechtmove search bar to its normal location
2019-07-24 Andrew Engelbrechtremoved width by percentage for header div
2019-07-24 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated search bar displacement css code
2019-07-23 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated RYF logo to new draft SVG
2019-07-22 Andrew Engelbrechtmake fsf logo in footer black when printing
2019-07-22 Andrew Engelbrechtrm unnecessary css that messes up print preview
2019-07-18 Andrew Engelbrechtsplit footer module into static and dynamic blocks
2019-07-16 Andrew Engelbrechtdon't show categories list on /products for mobile
2019-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechtmove search bar up towards the header
2019-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated expiration date in footer
2019-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechtcorrected a syntax error in footer
2019-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechttweaked the footer HTML
2019-07-15 Andrew EngelbrechtRevert "use a static footer block instead of a dynamic...
2019-07-15 Andrew EngelbrechtRevert "placeholder for theme "footer" submodule"
2019-07-15 Andrew Engelbrechtplaceholder for theme "footer" submodule
2019-07-08 Andrew Engelbrechtwhitespace change
2019-07-08 Andrew Engelbrechtmove nav links down a bit on desktop view
2019-07-08 Andrew Engelbrechtadjustments to mobile style
2019-07-08 Andrew Engelbrechtremove some undesired code
2019-07-08 Andrew Engelbrechtremove unused code
2019-07-08 Andrew Engelbrechthide some elements
2019-07-08 Andrew Engelbrechttweaked css comment
2019-07-08 Andrew Engelbrechtchanges to header, footer and main divs
2019-06-28 Andrew Engelbrechtshow dropdown menu labels above dropdown menus
2019-06-27 Andrew Engelbrechttweaked navbar links
2019-06-26 Andrew Engelbrechtshrink main logo on smaller displays (xs)
2019-06-26 Andrew Engelbrechtset a style for the fsf logo in the footer
2019-06-26 Andrew Engelbrechtset a minimum width for the site
2019-06-25 Andrew Engelbrechtexpand top menu in mobile view by default
2019-06-25 Andrew Engelbrechtuse a static footer block instead of a dynamic one
2019-06-25 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated href in link to all campaigns in footer
2019-06-25 Andrew Engelbrechtwhitespace adjustments
2019-06-24 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded link to Weblabels page for LibreJS
2019-06-24 Andrew EngelbrechtRemoved black border from main RYF logo
2019-06-10 Andrew Engelbrechtadded basic .gitignore file
2019-06-10 Andrew Engelbrechtadded image thumbnails to search results
2019-06-06 Valessio Soares... fix border h1
2019-06-06 Valessio Soares... align search input
2019-06-06 Valessio Soares... border page header
2019-06-06 Valessio Soares... Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.com:valessiobrito/ryf...
2019-06-06 Valessio Soares... adjust style ryf-list