change PREFIX in switch list
[rainbowstream.git] / rainbowstream /
2014-09-27 Orakarochange PREFIX in switch list
2014-09-27 Orakaroupdate the PREFIX immediately
2014-09-26 Orakarofix bug with ONLY_LIST and IGNORE_LIST
2014-09-26 OrakaroMerge pull request #62 from polarkac/sorting_tweets_list
2014-09-26 Lukas PohlreichReversed sorting for tweets in list
2014-09-25 vunhat_minhfix help message
2014-09-25 vunhat_minhignore some FORMAT on config command and display direct...
2014-09-24 Orakaroadd share command and show Twitter client name
2014-09-21 Orakaroadd reconn notice for Hangup
2014-09-19 Orakaroadd comments and fix bug in upgrade_center with python3
2014-09-19 vunhat_minhfix readline calculation messed up with color sequence
2014-09-13 Orakarotrivival coloring
2014-09-13 Orakaroadd feature switch to a list stream
2014-09-12 vunhat_minhfix notification duplicate bug
2014-09-10 vunhat_minhadjust message
2014-09-10 vunhat_minhupgrade center
2014-09-05 vunhat_minhMac emoji support
2014-09-04 Orakaroadd debug option
2014-09-02 Orakaroonly use PREFIX as a string in raw_input
2014-08-30 Orakaroadd retweet of my tweet to notification
2014-08-30 Orakaroadd notification command
2014-08-29 vunhat_minhdelete unused break
2014-08-29 vunhat_minhfix bug of unicode prefix character
2014-08-27 vunhat_minhimprove search query
2014-08-26 Orakaroadd color for my nick and fix https open bug
2014-08-26 OrakaroMerge pull request #47 from hexagon5un/master
2014-08-26 Elliot Williamsadded support for "open" follow https:// links
2014-08-26 Orakaroadd color for mytweet
2014-08-25 vunhat_minhworking fine in CentOS
2014-08-24 Orakaroprototype for message thread
2014-08-24 Orakaroquote and pause bug fix
2014-08-24 Orakarofix readline calculation bug with escape sequence in...
2014-08-23 Orakaroslightly change
2014-08-22 Orakarorearrange functions and add docs
2014-08-22 OrakaroMerge pull request #44 from JohnWheel/master
2014-08-22 JohnAdded conversation command
2014-08-19 vunhat_minhMerge branch 'use_arrow'
2014-08-19 OrakaroMerge pull request #39 from bartj3/fix/timezones
2014-08-19 vunhat_minharrow
2014-08-19 OrakaroMerge pull request #40 from bartj3/fix/typo
2014-08-18 Bart van Zonfix typo in help
2014-08-18 vunhat_minhpreview quote format
2014-08-17 Orakarorelease lock after Heartbeat timeout
2014-08-17 Orakarosupport quote format
2014-08-12 vunhat_minhconfig heartbeat-timeout to 120
2014-08-10 Orakarorefactoring
2014-08-10 Orakarorelease v0.7.1
2014-08-10 OrakaroMerge pull request #36 from saturn597/master
2014-08-10 Medon't drop user input after spaces when attempting...
2014-08-09 Orakarodelete debug print
2014-08-09 Orakaroremove default theme, add retweet count and favorites...
2014-08-08 Orakarocurrent_buffer in unicode wrapper
2014-08-07 vunhat_minhautopep8
2014-08-07 vunhat_minhmerge with built mute dict
2014-08-07 vunhat_minhconfig fix
2014-08-06 Orakarofix unicode bug in Python 3
2014-08-06 Orakaroadd muting filter for stream API
2014-08-06 OrakaroMerge pull request #34 from BryanSalas/master
2014-08-06 Bryan Salasremoved extra space
2014-08-06 Bryan Salasremoved degbug print
2014-08-06 Bryan Salasmuting now stops user from appearing on stream, issue 33
2014-08-05 Orakaroadd HIDE_PROMPT config, timeout to check interval and...
2014-08-05 Orakarofix serious bug with CPU 100%
2014-08-04 Orakaroautopep8
2014-08-04 Orakarofix annoyed bug when new tweet disrupt prompt
2014-08-04 vunhat_minhhelp command not found
2014-08-03 Orakarofix small bug
2014-08-03 Orakarodelete unused
2014-08-03 OrakaroProcess to Thread, Goodbye SQLAlchemy
2014-08-03 OrakaroMerge pull request #30 from BryanSalas/master
2014-08-02 Bryan Salasremoved debug print
2014-08-02 Bryan Salasremoved unneeded expection title
2014-08-02 Bryan Salasremoved unneeded code
2014-08-02 Bryan Salasfixed issue 19, stream is thread now
2014-07-29 vunhat_minhrefactoring some code
2014-07-28 vunhat_minhadd color for hashtag and try catch for quit() in ctrl+c
2014-07-28 OrakaroMerge branch 'master' of
2014-07-28 Orakarohandle ctrl+c
2014-07-27 Orakarocheck semaphore fist on tweet and message
2014-07-27 Orakaropause + replay
2014-07-25 vunhat_minhdrop debug line
2014-07-25 vunhat_minhconfigurable prefix + change THEME in config
2014-07-25 vunhat_minhdrop custom config, change IMAGE_ON_TERM on app running
2014-07-22 vunhat_minhinclude dm in timeline
2014-07-21 Orakarorefactoring and add various comments
2014-07-20 Orakaroautopep8 and bumped version
2014-07-19 Orakaroupdated succesfully
2014-07-19 Orakarodocs
2014-07-19 Orakarodocumenting config
2014-07-19 Orakarosemaphore ater enter key are pushed
2014-07-17 Orakarofix docs
2014-07-17 Orakarore saerch keyword without hashtag
2014-07-16 Orakarocheck config and little refactoring
2014-07-16 vunhat_minhadd option to ascii art and default config load
2014-07-15 Orakarogenerate config file by default
2014-07-14 vunhat_minhTwitter Oauth message
2014-07-13 Orakarofix bug of show image
2014-07-13 Orakarodelete Exception catch
2014-07-13 Orakaroadd documents
2014-07-13 Orakarolist fully supported and autopep8