Bumped version 1.5.2
[rainbowstream.git] / rainbowstream / rainbow.py
2019-11-26 orakaro.targaryenMerge pull request #257 from jimdoescode/master
2019-11-26 orakaro.targaryenMerge pull request #258 from jimdoescode/alternate_oauth
2019-11-26 orakaro.targaryenMerge pull request #265 from ybenjo/fix-search-result...
2019-11-26 orakaro.targaryenMerge pull request #273 from yhdesai/patch-1
2019-11-26 OrakaroFix blank line
2019-11-21 OrakaroFix miliseconds
2019-11-21 OrakaroUsing escape for colored raw_input to avoid wrong calcu...
2019-11-20 OrakaroFix some inconsitency at time convert
2019-11-20 OrakaroRevert "Fix prefix color problem"
2019-11-20 OrakaroFix Inbox
2019-11-20 OrakaroFix prefix color problem
2019-11-20 OrakaroMessages new API adaption
2019-11-20 OrakaroPolling strategy
2018-05-29 y_benjocheck search result size and show min(len(result),...
2018-03-20 jimdoescodeAllow specifying the location of the twitter oauth...
2018-03-14 orakaroMerge pull request #250 from MaxyMoos/280-chr-support
2018-03-12 Maxence GroineRefactor: add `add_tweetmode_parameter` function/calls
2018-01-30 Maxence GroineAdd `DISABLE_EXTENDED_TWEETS` config option to disable...
2017-11-15 Maxence GroineAdd `tweet_mode='extended'` to `search` call
2017-11-15 Maxence GroineAdded `tweet_mode='extended'` option to `t.statuses...
2017-11-14 Maxence GroineAdd support for extended tweets in twitter.statuses...
2016-12-11 OrakaroExit While loop instead of hangup all application.
2016-12-11 OrakaroMerge pull request #209 from Lertsenem/pr-lsratelimit
2016-12-11 OrakaroMerge pull request #207 from b3yond/patch-1
2016-12-11 LertsenemAvoid 'Rate limit exceeded' error on 'ls' command
2016-12-08 b3yondenabled tweet chains. see issue #163
2016-08-31 vunhat_minhFix a bug of not being able to specify filter nick...
2016-08-16 OrakaroBumped version 1.3.5
2016-08-16 OrakaroMerge pull request #123 from lnalex/master
2016-02-11 Orakaroversion command fixed
2016-02-09 vunhat_minhFix some bugs by pull requests
2016-02-09 OrakaroMerge pull request #148 from Azy8BsKXVko/view_own_posts
2016-02-09 OrakaroMerge pull request #156 from Azy8BsKXVko/fix_muting
2016-02-09 OrakaroMerge pull request #151 from Azy8BsKXVko/new_tweet_comm_fix
2016-02-09 Morgan Kalvin Nryk... Minor change added to make it more like how it was...
2016-02-09 Morgan Kalvin Nryk... Fixed problem
2016-02-09 Morgan Kalvin Nryk... Possibly fixed muting problem
2016-01-05 Morgan Kalvin Nryk... Changed command to 'me', moved help text
2016-01-05 Morgan Kalvin Nryk... Fixed stream hangup bug
2015-12-30 Morgan NAdded help text
2015-12-30 Morgan NFixed view_my_tweets input
2015-12-30 Morgan NAdded element to listen matrix thing
2015-12-30 Morgan NUsed the wrong method :)
2015-12-30 Morgan NAdded feature to easily view one's own tweets
2015-08-06 vunhat_minhMerge branch 'master' of github.com:DTVD/rainbowstream
2015-08-06 OrakaroMerge pull request #124 from bogwonch/dynamic-image...
2015-08-04 Joseph HallettImplemented image resizing if image won't fit in window
2015-08-03 LnAlexMerge branch 'master' of github.com:LnAlex/rainbowstream
2015-08-03 LnAlexAdd Pocket support
2015-08-01 Alexandre LionMerge pull request #1 from DTVD/master
2015-07-31 vunhat_minhDisplay detail error when over 140 character limit
2015-07-31 vunhat_minhautopep8
2015-07-31 vunhat_minhUse entities/urls in open command
2015-07-31 OrakaroMerge branch 'master' of github.com:DTVD/rainbowstream
2015-07-31 Orakarobumped version
2015-07-31 OrakaroMerge pull request #101 from bketelsen/master
2015-07-31 OrakaroMerge pull request #100 from bradleyjones/check-tweet...
2015-07-31 OrakaroSet -hr as default and drop the config
2015-07-31 OrakaroMerge pull request #122 from bogwonch/better-images
2015-07-30 Joseph HallettAdded flag to enable higher resolution printing
2015-07-30 Joseph HallettAdded a flag to enable 24bit color output in images.
2015-04-08 Bradley JonesCheck tweet length
2015-03-08 OrakaroDelete unused Error
2015-03-08 OrakaroMerge pull request #90 from Tenzer/better-repall
2015-03-04 Jeppe ToustrupIterate over the original_tweet variable, not the tweet...
2015-02-27 Jeppe ToustrupBe sure to always include nick of person replied to...
2015-02-26 Jeppe ToustrupImprovements to nicks handling in 'repall' command:
2015-02-14 Orakarominor fix
2014-12-22 vunhat_minhFix bug when start with public stream
2014-12-22 vunhat_minh* Fix #74
2014-12-22 OrakaroMerge pull request #77 from nwtti/master
2014-11-29 witti96ability to give lists name as switch argument
2014-11-29 witti96mini cleanup
2014-11-29 witti96Added --stream argument to change the stream on program...
2014-11-11 Orakaroadd repall command
2014-10-30 vunhat_minhcode convention
2014-10-30 vunhat_minhMerge branch 'develop'
2014-10-30 vunhat_minhbumped version
2014-10-30 OrakaroMerge pull request #73 from polarkac/custom_prefix
2014-10-29 Lukas PohlreichCorrect format after changing PREFIX config
2014-10-24 Lukas PohlreichUpdate PREFIX after config change
2014-10-24 Lukas PohlreichCustom prefix with formatting
2014-10-24 vunhat_minhuse only g[PREFIX] to display
2014-10-23 vunhat_minhTwitter Error display bug in Python 3
2014-10-23 vunhat_minhtrivival refactoring
2014-10-23 OrakaroMerge pull request #71 from polarkac/better_errors
2014-10-23 vunhat_minhcleanup PR 70
2014-10-23 OrakaroMerge pull request #70 from polarkac/show_version
2014-10-22 Lukas PohlreichFix typo
2014-10-22 Lukas PohlreichPrint twitter errors
2014-10-22 Lukas PohlreichCommad to show current version
2014-10-05 OrakaroAdd STREAM_DELAY config key
2014-10-05 OrakaroMerge pull request #69 from GreenZapdos/master
2014-10-05 GreenZapdosAdded STREAM_DELAY
2014-10-04 OrakaroAdd python2 compatibility to PR #66
2014-10-04 OrakaroMerge pull request #66 from rc0r/master
2014-10-03 rc0rDefault proxy type setting corrected
2014-10-02 rc0rHTTP/SOCKS proxy support added (resolves DTVD/rainbowst...
2014-09-27 Orakaroreset PREFIX after switch stream
2014-09-27 OrakaroMerge pull request #65 from polarkac/prefix_switch_fix