add info and colored
[rainbowstream.git] / rainbowstream / colorset / solarized.json
2014-08-24 Orakaroprototype for message thread
2014-08-09 Orakaroremove default theme, add retweet count and favorites...
2014-07-28 vunhat_minhadd color for hashtag and try catch for quit() in ctrl+c
2014-07-15 Orakaroterm color define only by number
2014-07-12 Orakaromerge py3 support
2014-07-12 Orakaroadd list support and seperate help
2014-07-04 vunhat_minhreset cache
2014-07-04 vunhat_minhfix bug for favorited
2014-07-04 Orakaroadd calendar and calculator support in theme
2014-07-03 Orakaroadd solarized