current_buffer in unicode wrapper
[rainbowstream.git] / rainbowstream / colorset / default.json
2014-07-28 vunhat_minhadd color for hashtag and try catch for quit() in ctrl+c
2014-07-15 Orakarogenerate config file by default
2014-07-12 Orakaromerge py3 support
2014-07-12 Orakaroadd list support and seperate help
2014-07-04 Orakarofix -iot bug
2014-07-04 vunhat_minhfix bug for favorited
2014-07-04 Orakaroadd calendar and calculator support in theme
2014-07-03 Vu Nhat Minhterm
2014-07-02 Orakaroautopep8
2014-07-02 Orakarochange theme base on config
2014-07-02 Vu Nhat Minhadd 256 RGB supported
2014-07-02 Vu Nhat Minhstream config
2014-07-02 Vu Nhat Minhfull json
2014-07-02 Vu Nhat Minhcolor_func
2014-07-02 Vu Nhat Minhfix json syntax
2014-07-02 Vu Nhat Minhjson load