Add `DISABLE_EXTENDED_TWEETS` config option to disable extended tweets support
[rainbowstream.git] / rainbowstream / colorset / config
2018-01-30 Maxence GroineAdd `DISABLE_EXTENDED_TWEETS` config option to disable...
2016-10-17 OrakaroMerge pull request #197 from Lertsenem/pr-modernquotes
2016-10-12 LertsenemCorrection on comment-detection regexp
2016-10-09 LertsenemMake use of modern-style quotes
2016-08-16 OrakaroMerge pull request #123 from lnalex/master
2016-08-04 vunhat_minhNew Retweet sign
2015-08-06 vunhat_minhAdd config document for IMAGE_RESIZE_TO_FIT and bump...
2015-08-03 LnAlexMerge branch 'master' of
2015-08-03 LnAlexAdd Pocket support
2014-10-30 vunhat_minhMerge branch 'develop'
2014-10-30 vunhat_minhbumped version
2014-10-05 OrakaroMerge pull request #69 from GreenZapdos/master
2014-10-05 GreenZapdosAdded STREAM_DELAY
2014-09-24 Orakaroadd share command and show Twitter client name
2014-09-02 Orakaroonly use PREFIX as a string in raw_input
2014-08-30 Orakaroadd retweet of my tweet to notification
2014-08-27 vunhat_minhimprove search query
2014-08-26 Orakaroadd color for mytweet
2014-08-25 vunhat_minhworking fine in CentOS
2014-08-24 Orakarounocde symbol for retweet and favorite
2014-08-22 Orakarorearrange functions and add docs
2014-08-19 vunhat_minhMerge branch 'use_arrow'
2014-08-19 vunhat_minharrow
2014-08-17 Orakarosupport quote format
2014-08-12 vunhat_minhconfig heartbeat-timeout to 120
2014-08-09 Orakaroremove default theme, add retweet count and favorites...
2014-08-05 Orakaroadd HIDE_PROMPT config, timeout to check interval and...
2014-07-27 Orakaropause + replay
2014-07-27 Orakaro[] and id=
2014-07-27 Orakaroformat tweet and status
2014-07-25 vunhat_minhconfigurable prefix + change THEME in config
2014-07-25 vunhat_minhdrop custom config, change IMAGE_ON_TERM on app running
2014-07-16 vunhat_minhadd option to ascii art and default config load
2014-07-15 Orakarogenerate config file by default