2020-05-28 Ruben Rodrigueztypo master
2020-05-28 Ruben RodriguezAdded jitsi benefit
2020-04-30 Ruben RodriguezAdded referral info text
2020-04-30 Ruben RodriguezAdded referral link
2020-01-30 Ian Kellingfix last commit
2020-01-30 Ian Kellingdont allow pending members to have aliases
2018-12-14 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated link to member forum in benefits page
2018-04-19 Andrew Engelbrechtadded section about additional member benefits
2018-01-11 Ian Kellingadd note about mail loop
2017-01-25 Andrew Engelbrechttest for git hook deployment to
2017-01-25 Andrew Engelbrechttest change ; checking on file read access
2017-01-10 Andrew Engelbrechtanother test change
2017-01-10 Andrew Engelbrechtanother test change
2017-01-10 Andrew Engelbrechttest change for testing deployment to
2017-01-10 Andrew Engelbrechtexpand the scope of the $contactId variable
2017-01-06 Andrew Engelbrechtspecify used variable in php closure
2017-01-03 Andrew EngelbrechtUpdated race cond handling for member badges gen
2016-12-23 Andrew Engelbrechtadded .gitignore
2016-12-23 Andrew Engelbrechtadded usleep to prevent race condition
2016-12-22 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated order of perks in member benefits page
2016-09-29 Ruben RodriguezAdded change for R#T1151046 plus previous modifications
2015-03-10 David ThompsonAdd message to info page to guide users around LibreJS...
2015-03-10 David Thompsondashboard: contribute: Add instructions for canceling.
2015-03-10 David Thompsondashboard: contribute: Remove extraneous ':'.
2015-02-09 David Thompsonmembership: Make renewal link more readable.
2015-02-05 David ThompsonRedirect to member dashboard after updating CC info.
2015-01-15 David ThompsonFix build form hook.
2015-01-06 David Thompsondashboard: Add some non-breaking spaces to template.
2015-01-06 David Thompsondashboard: Add checksum for editing recurring contribut...
2015-01-06 David Thompsondashboard: Better recurring contribution rendering.
2015-01-06 David Thompsondashboard: Improve rendering of installments for recurr...
2015-01-06 David Thompsondashboard: Display link to edit recurring contribution...
2014-12-11 David Thompsondashboard: Show personal campaign pages.
2014-12-04 David ThompsonDo not look contact in buildForm hook when there is...
2014-12-03 David ThompsonChange state field name in buildForm hook. v0.1
2014-12-03 David ThompsonAdd buildForm hook to fix state select box when editing...
2014-11-25 David Thompsonjs: Fix LibreJS compliance issue.
2014-11-25 David ThompsonFix query string for member button API call.
2014-11-21 David Thompsonjs: underscore: Add LibreJS compatibility.
2014-11-17 David ThompsonRemove more HTML that wasn't supposed to be committed.
2014-11-17 David ThompsonRemove some HTML that wasn't supposed to be committed.
2014-11-17 David ThompsonWrap hook in a try/catch block.
2014-11-17 David Thompsonbenefits: Display member button.
2014-11-17 David ThompsonDon't call member button API if settings aren't configured.
2014-11-17 David ThompsonRevert William's ill-fated style improvements.
2014-11-17 David ThompsonAdd civicrm_post hook to regenerate member buttons.
2014-11-17 David Thompsoninfo: Fix link to profile.
2014-11-14 William TheakerInclude stylesheet as resource
2014-11-14 William TheakerAdded MemberDashboard landing page boxes
2014-11-14 William TheakerAdded stylesheet
2014-11-14 David Thompsoninfo: Add LibreJS metadata to JS.
2014-11-14 David Thompsoninfo: Fix state select box not updating when country...
2014-11-14 David Thompsonadmin: Show all profiles in select box instead of just...
2014-11-11 David ThompsonMark dashboard pages as public.
2014-11-10 William TheakerSSL changes
2014-11-07 David Thompsonbenefits: Add uniqueness validation for email aliases.
2014-11-06 David Thompsondashboard: Remove placeholder member button markup.
2014-11-06 David Thompsonbenefits: Don't allow non-members to access benefits...
2014-11-06 David Thompsonbenefits: Validate local part of email alias.
2014-11-06 David Thompsonbenefits: Add email alias CRUD.
2014-11-06 David Thompsoninfo: Improve appearance of rendered profile even more.
2014-11-05 David Thompsoninfo: Improve appearance of rendered profile.
2014-11-05 David Thompsoninfo: Fix JavaScript to support older versions of CiviC...
2014-11-05 David ThompsonRemove temporary testing links.
2014-11-05 David Thompsoninfo: Fix the profile link displayed in noscript tag.
2014-11-05 David Thompsoninfo: Fix issue where jquery.notify.js is sometimes...
2014-11-05 David Thompsonjs: Use better method for using civi's jquery.
2014-11-05 David ThompsonFix permissions.
2014-11-04 David Thompsonbenefits: Display email aliases in a table.
2014-11-04 David ThompsonAdd member_email_alias table.
2014-11-04 David Thompsonbenefits: Simplify Drupal user access.
2014-10-31 David Thompsonbenefits: Display proper XMPP username and elaborate...
2014-10-30 David ThompsonAdd benefits page.
2014-10-24 David Thompsoncommunications: Copy and tweak the groups template...
2014-10-24 David Thompsoncommunication: Add custom group subscription form.
2014-10-23 David ThompsonFix docstring.
2014-10-23 David Thompsoncommunications: Apply civi CSS to form elements.
2014-10-23 David ThompsonExtract base page class.
2014-10-23 David Thompsoncommunications: Add email preferences.
2014-10-22 David Thompsoninfo: Add loading spinner.
2014-10-22 David Thompsonsettings: Refactor method.
2014-10-21 David ThompsonAdd a settings page.
2014-10-20 David Thompsonjs: Use the correct profile ID on info page.
2014-10-20 David ThompsonDefine constant for settings group name.
2014-10-20 David ThompsonAdd member info profile setting.
2014-10-09 David ThompsonLoad user info profile via AJAX call.
2014-10-02 David ThompsonUse API to fetch contact.
2014-10-02 David ThompsonAdd info page boilerplate.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonAdd communications page.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonFactor out a helper class from the member dashboard.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonAdd placeholder markup for referral code section.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonFix docstring.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonFactor out the side-effects of building the bashboard.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonRemove 'Receipt sent' column from contributions table.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonCopy dashboard element templates from CiviCRM core.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonRemove debugging code.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonAdd license headers to files.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonFix page title.
2014-10-01 David ThompsonDisplay CiviMember and CiviContribute dashboard elements.
2014-09-30 David ThompsonRender the CiviMember component on the dashboard.