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last changeWed, 27 May 2020 18:39:13 +0000 (14:39 -0400)
2020-05-27 Ian Kellingremove seemingly old useless ed master
2020-05-18 Ian Kellingmove reply handler to this repo
2020-05-18 Ian Kellingremove address hiding
2019-11-21 Ian Kellingorder tags in head for consistency
2019-11-21 Ian Kellingfinish incomplete fix for utf8 on index pages
2019-11-21 Ian Kellinggitignore some irrelevant dirs
2019-10-24 Ian Kellingutf 8 on index pages, rt 1443213
2019-10-24 Ian Kellingdocument branches better
2019-09-05 Ian Kellingforward cron mail to
2019-06-12 Ian Kellingminor readme update
2019-06-06 Ian Kellinglists.def blocks http mboxes, unused otherwise
2019-05-28 Ian Kellingfix mbox archive link
2019-05-23 Ian KellingRemove js requirement for repeat searches
2019-05-22 Ian KellingRestore namazu template files.
2019-05-22 Ian Kellingreadme and gitignore
2019-05-21 Ian Kellingadd doctype to top archive index
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