2019-05-20 Ian Kellingtrivial: whitespace, gitignore
2019-05-20 Ian Kellingport common.mrc changes to .in file
2019-05-17 Ian Kellingremove useless duplicate file
2019-05-17 Ian Kellingadd other files worth tracking
2019-05-17 Ian Kellingcommon.mrc 2013-01-14 later that day
2019-05-17 Ian Kellinghistorical: common.mrc as of 20130114
2019-05-08 Ian Kellinggitignore files due to being in a home dir
2019-05-07 Ian Kellingsymlink template to namazu, as of at least 2018
2019-05-07 Ian Kellinghistorical change in .bak directory on, not...
2019-05-07 Ian KellingUpdate archive template, this was discarded later
2011-05-18 Bastard Operator... Initial checkin