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2018-07-13 Boris BobrovFix saving original of the video master
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2018-07-12 Boris BobrovFixes for small bugs
2018-07-12 Boris Bobrovalways guess the same filetype
2018-07-12 Boris Bobrovfinally fix url validator
2018-07-12 Boris BobrovRevert "Revert "Import messages in blog views""
2018-07-11 Boris Bobrovfix typo
2018-07-11 Boris Bobrovfix auth error and simplify url and email checks
2018-07-11 Boris Bobrovremove requirement for the file to be with single dot...
2018-07-11 Boris Bobrovfix default gmg help message
2018-07-10 Boris BobrovMerge remote-tracking branch 'gsoc2016/Subtitle-1'
2018-07-08 Andrew BrowningFix server crash on blog about page [#5572]
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