2018-07-13 Boris BobrovFix saving original of the video master
2018-07-13 Boris Bobrovsimplify an if and fix string formatting
2018-07-13 Boris Bobrovnitpicking
2018-07-12 Boris Bobrovclose tag in subtitles html
2018-07-12 Boris Bobrovmove subtitles out of media streams in html
2018-07-12 Boris BobrovMerge branch 'transcoding_progress'
2018-07-12 Boris BobrovFixes for small bugs
2018-07-12 Boris Bobrovalways guess the same filetype
2018-07-12 Boris Bobrovfinally fix url validator
2018-07-12 Boris BobrovRevert "Revert "Import messages in blog views""
2018-07-11 Boris Bobrovfix typo
2018-07-11 Boris Bobrovfix auth error and simplify url and email checks
2018-07-11 Boris Bobrovremove requirement for the file to be with single dot...
2018-07-11 Boris Bobrovfix default gmg help message
2018-07-10 Boris BobrovMerge remote-tracking branch 'gsoc2016/Subtitle-1'
2018-07-08 Andrew BrowningFix server crash on blog about page [#5572]
2018-06-28 ĎÚβĨŐÚŚ Dod2 bug fixes in editor views
2018-06-08 Boris BobrovRevert "cap sqlalchemy"
2018-05-23 DpgAdd Creative Commons 4.0 licenses [#955]
2018-04-30 Boris Bobrovcap sqlalchemy
2018-04-08 Andrew BrowningAdd moderation panel thumbnail header [#5563]
2018-04-08 Andrew BrowningProcess videos with incorrect date tags [#5409]
2018-04-04 Andrew BrowningPrevent video plugin from processing svg [#934]
2018-04-04 Andrew BrowningRemove backup file added in b5dd245
2018-04-02 Andrew BrowningUse https:// instead of git:// to clone [#5551]
2017-11-29 Andrew BrowningAdd chrysn to AUTHORS
2017-11-29 chrysnFix EXIF rotation to make the image portrait on demand
2017-11-17 Boris Bobrovadd alembic migrations to MANIFEST
2017-11-14 Boris Bobrovmove alembic.ini to python app dir
2017-11-14 Boris Bobrovadd alembic.ini to
2017-11-12 Boris Bobrovremove mentions of mediagoblin_local.ini
2017-11-12 Boris Bobrovclarify installation instructions about mediagoblin.ini
2017-11-11 Romain PorteAdded tests for tags in image API object
2017-11-11 Romain PorteAdded tags in API (view them and edit them)
2017-11-11 Romain PorteImproved gitignores for patch submitting
2017-11-11 Romain PorteFixed flake8 errors for tests/
2017-11-11 Romain PorteAdded tests for custom file name using API
2017-11-11 Romain PorteChange API filename upload using custom header
2017-11-11 Boris BobrovMerge branch 'master' of
2017-11-11 Boris Bobrovadd Roman to AUTHORS
2017-11-11 Romain PorteReplaced /bin/celeryd by /bin/celery in lazycelery
2017-10-31 Andrew BrowningFix location of host-meta.xml file [#5543]
2017-10-23 Andrew BrowningFix trivial spelling error in test comment
2017-10-16 Simen HeggestøylPort batchaddmedia command to Python 3
2017-10-16 Simen HeggestøylMake admin panel headers readable in Airy theme
2017-10-16 Simen HeggestøylHandle collection in batchaddmedia command
2017-10-16 Simen HeggestøylSupport Unicode characters in configuration values
2017-10-16 Simen HeggestøylRemove dead code in
2017-10-08 Andrew BrowningUpdate batchaddmedia csv description docs [5458]
2017-09-20 Andrew BrowningFix #5460 - Log IP address for failed login
2017-09-20 Andrew BrowningFix #5517 - Change docs to clone repo using https
2017-09-20 Andrew BrowningAdd unit test for #5524
2017-09-20 Andrew BrowningFix #5524 Zero division error in
2017-08-29 Vijeth AradhyaMerge branch 'multiple-qualities-frontend' into 'transc...
2017-08-29 vijeth-aradhyaChange complimentary_task to complementary_tas
2017-08-27 vijeth-aradhyaRemove self.entry in VideoTranscoder
2017-08-22 vijeth-aradhyaShow default resolution progress in processing panel
2017-08-22 vijeth-aradhyaAdd main_transcoding_progress to ProgressCallback
2017-08-22 vijeth-aradhyaAdd main_transcoding_progress column migration
2017-08-21 vijeth-aradhyaAdd videojs-resolution-switcher to gitignore
2017-08-17 vijeth-aradhyaCreate a seperate test for get_all_media
2017-08-16 vijeth-aradhyaAdd test for get_all_media()
2017-08-15 aylephFix #5514 - Add to Collection causes server error
2017-08-15 Andrew BrowningProperly escape asterisk in *buntu
2017-08-15 aylephFix #5513 - Can't delete blog post drafts
2017-08-14 vijeth-aradhyaChange webm to webm_video in media_size check
2017-08-14 Vijeth AradhyaMerge branch 'master' into 'multiple-qualities-frontend'
2017-08-11 vijeth-aradhyaSmall changes to fixing transcode percentage
2017-08-10 vijeth-aradhyaChange entry.title to in logging
2017-08-10 vijeth-aradhyaFix percentage reporting
2017-08-08 vijeth-aradhyaAdd unicode to accomodate title of MediaEntry
2017-08-05 vijeth-aradhyaReplace print statements to logging
2017-07-31 vijeth-aradhyaAdd previous mg css to video player
2017-07-23 vijeth-aradhyaModify video.html to add video-resolution-switcher...
2017-07-23 vijeth-aradhyaAdd change-video-resolution.js to start video-resolutio...
2017-07-23 vijeth-aradhyaAdd video-resolution-switcher (video.js plugin) v0.4.2
2017-07-23 vijeth-aradhyaChange video.js version to v5.20.1
2017-07-23 vijeth-aradhyaRevert "Modify video template to accomodate multiple...
2017-07-23 vijeth-aradhyaRevert "Add change-video-resolution.js to start the...
2017-07-23 vijeth-aradhyaRevert "Modify video-js link folder and change version"
2017-07-23 vijeth-aradhyaRevert "Add video-resolution-switcher (v0.4.2) plugin"
2017-07-18 vijeth-aradhyaAdd video-resolution-switcher (v0.4.2) plugin
2017-07-18 vijeth-aradhyaModify video-js link folder and change version
2017-07-16 vijeth-aradhyaAdd change-video-resolution.js to start the plugin
2017-07-16 vijeth-aradhyaModify video template to accomodate multiple resolutions
2017-07-16 vijeth-aradhyaAdd get_all_media() in MediaEntryMixin
2017-07-03 vijeth-aradhyaAdd property to media_fetch_order
2017-06-26 vijeth-aradhyaFix test_accepted_resolutions
2017-06-26 Boris BobrovMerge branch 'master' of
2017-06-25 vijeth-aradhyaImplement copy_original and _keep_best
2017-06-25 vijeth-aradhyaTest whether video is transcoded to all resolutions
2017-06-25 vijeth-aradhyaTest accepted_files and accepted_resolutions
2017-06-25 vijeth-aradhyaAdd test_chord for TestSubmissionVideo
2017-06-24 vijeth-aradhyaAdd VideoProcessingManager.workflow() tests
2017-06-21 vijeth-aradhyaUse tuple as default return type of workflow()
2017-06-20 vijeth-aradhyaAdd choice of video resolutions for instance owner
2017-06-19 Andrew BrowningApply button_warning style to blog delete buttons
2017-06-19 Andrew BrowningFix #830 - Remove exif from blog posts
2017-06-18 Boris BobrovRemove mongodb-related stuff
2017-06-18 Boris BobrovAdd Robert to AUTHORS