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2017-03-08 Andrew Engelbrechtquery with lowercase tags + use dashes in tags
2017-03-08 Andrew Engelbrechttemporarily revert to case insensitive tag filter
2017-03-06 Andrew Engelbrechtuse case-insensitive form of tag filter on queries
2017-03-06 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'featured'
2017-03-06 Andrew Engelbrechtremoving /videos/libreplanet, etc URLs
2017-03-06 Andrew Engelbrechtwhitespace addition for visual grouping
2017-03-06 Andrew Engelbrechtadd /photos/libreplanet, /videos/libreplanet pages
2017-03-06 Andrew Engelbrechtadded /videos/featured and /photos/featured URLs
2017-03-06 Andrew Engelbrechtallow creating pages filtered by tags
2015-03-31 David ThompsonFilter out unprocessed media.
2015-03-31 David ThompsonFirst commit!