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last changeSat, 19 Mar 2016 20:06:17 +0000 (21:06 +0100)
2016-03-19 David TestéModifying bitrate target to 800000. master
2016-03-19 David TestéAdding key-frame and bitrate target option in vp8 encoder.
2016-03-18 David TestéAdding keyframe-max-dist set up to 1 keyframe per second
2016-03-17 David TestéMerge branch 'stream_2016_dev'
2016-03-17 David TestéNot fullscreen by default stream_2016_dev
2016-03-17 David TestéFine elements property tunning for LibrePlanet2016
2016-03-16 Lisa Marie... added davidt
2016-03-16 Lisa Marie... Moved template file per soonum
2016-03-15 David TestéFullscreen mode by default.
2016-03-14 David TestéModifing filename building + pathname definition.
2016-03-14 David TestéDeleting file: replaced by
2016-03-11 David TestéCleaning commented out code.
2016-03-11 David TestéAdding fixed configuration (parsing over .abyss).
2016-03-11 David TestéAdding config file template (has to be renamed after...
2016-03-10 David TestéTesting pipeline completed.
2016-03-09 David TestéAdding camera input selection (has to be connected...
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