Deleting file: replaced by
[libre-streamer.git] / stream_2016 /
2016-03-14 David TestéDeleting file: replaced by
2016-03-11 David TestéCleaning commented out code.
2016-03-11 David TestéAdding fixed configuration (parsing over .abyss).
2016-03-11 David TestéAdding config file template (has to be renamed after...
2016-03-10 David TestéTesting pipeline completed.
2016-03-09 David TestéAdding camera input selection (has to be connected...
2016-03-08 David TestéModifying building filename calls.
2016-03-08 David TestéModifying filename building.
2016-03-08 David TestéFix minor bug, interface stalling when entry field...
2016-03-08 David TestéAdding specific audio input (USB mixing desk)
2016-03-07 David TestéModify the way of creating pipeline to ensure widegt...
2016-03-07 David TestéAdd full back-up pipeline.
2016-03-07 David Testécall of backup pipeline when feed is lost.
2016-03-07 David TestéStarting implementing backup pipeline.(Need to be finished)
2016-03-04 David TestéStarting implementation of the backup feed (USB webcam...
2016-03-04 David TestéAdding webcam feed pipeline (has to be implemented...
2016-03-04 David TestéVu-meter added (based on a vertical ProgressBar)
2016-02-29 David TestéDeleting useless lines.
2016-02-29 David TestéImplementing filename creation for each stream launched.
2016-02-29 David TestéMain module simplified.
2016-02-29 David TestéFull pipeline working and placed in an other module
2016-02-24 David TestéAdding the audio feed (for streaming and disk storing)
2016-02-24 David TestéModification of the pipeline to have a better visualisation
2016-02-24 David TestéCreation of the raw video pipeline [still prototype]
2016-02-17 David TestéNew GUI for 2016 edition