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2020-02-04 Ian Kellingadd photo posting master
2019-08-20 Alex SchroederAdd paging and completion for comments
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederDon't print entire note when posting or commenting
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederFix show with no argument (used after post)
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederCompletion added
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederImprove doc strings
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederREADME: recommend my own diaspy repo
2019-08-18 Alex SchroederAdd m shortcut
2019-08-18 Alex SchroederSupport commands with arguments
2019-08-18 Alex SchroederChanged how notifications get loaded
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederSort notes and drop Emacs backup files
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederREADME: document next and previous
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederAdd BUGS and PLANS
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederAdd next and pevious commands
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederAdd debug command
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederHandle deleted posts
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