2020-02-04 Ian Kellingadd photo posting master
2019-08-20 Alex SchroederAdd paging and completion for comments
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederDon't print entire note when posting or commenting
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederFix show with no argument (used after post)
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederCompletion added
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederImprove doc strings
2019-08-19 Alex SchroederREADME: recommend my own diaspy repo
2019-08-18 Alex SchroederAdd m shortcut
2019-08-18 Alex SchroederSupport commands with arguments
2019-08-18 Alex SchroederChanged how notifications get loaded
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederSort notes and drop Emacs backup files
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederREADME: document next and previous
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederAdd BUGS and PLANS
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederAdd next and pevious commands
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederAdd debug command
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederHandle deleted posts
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederREADME: add more details about installation
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederREADME: add TOC
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederREADME: add reference
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederAdd post deletion
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederAdd lot of extra prints to make things intelligible
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederSort posts before selecting one by number
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederFix wording of notifications reload
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederNote what we're doing during login
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederAdd post command
2019-08-15 Alex SchroederNo longer call notifications after login
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederAllow redefinition of shortcuts
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederAdd home command
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederREADME: add diaspy links
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederREADME: update rc filenames
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederREADME: fix markup
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederREADME: add example with preview
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederAdd preview command
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederMove reading notes into a separate function
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederRemove the comment from the post after undo
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederFix posting a comment from a note
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederFix listing of notes after editing a note
2019-08-14 Alex SchroederEditing, deleting comments
2019-08-13 Alex Schroederfix comment counting
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederReloading notifications.
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederHow to install diaspy
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederHandle posts with no comments
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederREADME: add installation and quickstart
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederAdd undo command
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederAdd comment command
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederDefine c as an abbreviation for comments
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederAdd doc strings
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederAdded README
2019-08-13 Alex SchroederHighlight headers
2019-08-12 Alex SchroederShow comments
2019-08-08 Alex SchroederPrint post that belongs to a notification
2019-08-08 Alex SchroederInit file handling and writing
2019-08-07 Alex SchroederInitial checkin