2022-02-08 Andrew Engelbrechtcorrected reference to file name main
2022-02-08 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated links for syslinux packages
2022-02-08 Andrew EngelbrechtDocs, tweaks for downloaing any missing media
2022-02-08 Andrew EngelbrechtDon't fetch media already bundled in upstream iso
2022-02-07 Andrew EngelbrechtAdded remaining missing media
2022-02-07 Andrew EngelbrechtAdd URLs for some of the missing media
2020-09-25 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated info about USB flash drive size
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtnote about 64 bit images
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtprint helpful message at end of script
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtsleep before unmounting, to avoid race condition
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtnote about extras installer script
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed a file's permissions
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtcopy over html / css / images for post-boot page
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtblankspace change
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtinitial version of extra media installer script
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtdon't eject the drive after copying data
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtadded another checksums file
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtprettify error message output
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtadded initial README file
2020-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtadding checksum files to git repos
2020-09-18 Andrew Engelbrechtinitial version of membership card creation script
2020-09-18 Andrew Engelbrechtadded basic .gitignore file