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1 <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
2 <html>
3 <head>
4 <meta charset="utf-8" />
5 <title>Welcome! - Free Software Foundation</title>
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40 <body id="fixed">
41 <div id="centered" style="position: relative">
42 <div id="header">
43 <h1 id="logo" class="imgreplace"><a href="">Free
44 Software Foundation</a></h1>
45 <ul id="topnav">
46 <li><a href="">About</a></li>
47 <li><a href="">Campaigns</a></li>
48 <li><a href="">Volunteer</a></li>
49 <li><a href="">Donate</a></li>
50 <li><a href="">Renew</a></li>
51 <li class="noright"><a href="">Shop</a></li>
52 </ul>
53 </div>
55 <div class="caption">
56 <a href=""
57 title="Learn about the four freedoms of free software">
58 <img src="since1985.png" alt="Since 1985 we've been fighting for essential freedoms for computer users"/>
59 </a>
60 </div>
62 <div id="content">
63 <img style="float:right; width: 270px; margin:0 0 20px 20px" alt="" src="usb-member-card.jpg">
65 <p>Thank you for being an associate member of the Free Software Foundation!</p>
67 <p>It is largely thanks to our associate member program that we are able
68 to continue fighting for <a
69 href="">the essential
70 freedoms</a> for computer users. You really do make a difference.
71 </p>
73 <p>This FSF Bootable Member Card is based on <a
74 href="">Trisquel</a> GNU/Linux.
75 More information on it is available at <a
76 href=""></a>.
77 </p>
79 <h3>Source code of Trisquel 9</h3>
81 <p>The complete and corresponding source for this Trisquel live image is
82 available in the <a
83 href="file:///cdrom/source/"><code>/cdrom/source/</code></a> directory of this
84 membership card. If you're opening this file system in another installation,
85 the membership card's data may be mounted elsewhere.</p>
87 <h3>Audio, video, and ebooks on this USB card</h3>
89 <p>You can access the audio, video, and ebook files in any of the following ways:</p>
91 <ul>
92 <li>Using the URLs below, for accessing local media;</li>
93 <li>Browsing the <code>fsf/GNUAV/</code> directory from the root of USB card's filesystem, such as <a
94 href="file:///cdrom/fsf/GNUAV/"><code>/cdrom/fsf/GNUAV/</code></a>;</li>
95 <li>Audio and video on <a href="">our GNU Mediagoblin server</a>; and</li>
96 <li>Essays on <a href=""></a>.</li>
97 </ul>
99 <h3>Advocacy videos</h3>
100 <ul>
101 <li><a href="GNUAV/The-University-of-Costumed-Heroes-360p.webm">The University of Costumed Heroes</a> (<a href="">credits</a>) (<a href="">CC BY 4.0</a>)</li>
102 <li><a href="GNUAV/why-free-software.webm">Why free software?</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
103 <li><a href="GNUAV/fsf-shoetool-360.webm">ShoeTool -- Happy Holidays from the FSF</a> (<a href="">credits</a>) (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
104 <li><a href="GNUAV/FSF_640x360.webm">Free software stories from the FSF 30th anniversary celebration</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
105 <li><a href="GNUAV/TEDxGE2014_Stallman05_LQ.webm">"Free software, free society," Richard Stallman's TEDx talk</a> (<a href="">CC BY-ND 3.0</a>)</li>
106 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2016_snowden.webm">Edward Snowden in conversation with Daniel Kahn Gillmor</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
107 <li><a href="GNUAV/FSF_30_720p.webm">Free software: User liberation</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
108 </ul>
109 <h3>Essays</h3>
110 <ul>
111 <li><a href="GNUAV/fsfs-ii-2-1.pdf">Selections from <i>Free Software, Free Society; Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman</i></a></li>
112 </ul>
114 <h3>LibrePlanet videos</h3>
115 <ul>
116 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_younghackers.webm">Alyssa Rosenzweig, Taowa, Erin Moon: Free the Future young hackers keynote panel</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
117 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_kahle.webm">Brewster Kahle: Locking the Web open: A decentralized Web that can operate as free software does</a> (<a href="">CC BY 4.0</a>)</li>
118 <li><a href="GNUAV/FSFKeynotewithSlidesHighRes.ogg">Deb Nicholson: Free software forever</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
119 </ul>
121 <h3>LibrePlanet 2020 Audio</h3>
122 <ul>
123 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsat0945.ogg">Alyssa Rosenzweig, Taowa, Erin Moon: Free the Future young hackers keynote panel</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
124 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/freedomsat1040.ogg">Lucy Ingham: Rented future: The dangerous rise of life as a service</a> (<a href="">GFDL 1.3</a>)</li>
125 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsat1040.ogg">Karen Johnson, Fen Labalme: Transparent code, secure data: Selling free software to the US government, our bosses, and ourselves</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
126 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsat1135.ogg">Dee Dee Lavinder: Keeping secrets: What you need to know about encryption</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
127 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsat1135.ogg">William Liggett: How to teach students about free software</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
128 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/freedomsat1335.ogg">Felipe Sanches: Font Bakery: Gathering font engineering knowledge while improving a large collection of libre fonts</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
129 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsat1335.ogg">JJ Ashgar: Lessons learned from cultivating free software projects and communities</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
130 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsat1335.ogg">Ben O'Neill: Free software and the environment</a> (<a href="">CC BY 4.0</a>)</li>
131 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/freedomsat1430.ogg">Wm Salt Hale: Bicycles as a metaphor for free software</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
132 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsat1430.ogg">Bradley Kuhn: Preventing the IoT dystopia with copyleft</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
133 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsat1430.ogg">Michael Stenta, Don Blair, Jamie Gaehring: Stewarding technological freedom in agriculture</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
134 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/freedomsat1525.ogg">Paul Gazzillo, Joshua Santana: Free software enables free science</a> (<a href="">GFDL 1.3</a>)</li>
135 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsat1525.ogg">Robb Ebright: Free software for community radio: LibreTime and other software tools</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
136 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsat1620.ogg">Micky Metts, Keegan Rankin, Chris Thompson: Platform cooperativism, surveillance capitalism, predictive analysis, and you</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
137 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsat1730.ogg">John Sullivan: Keynote by FSF executive director John Sullivan</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
138 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsun0945.ogg">Shannon Dosemagen: For us, by us: Free technology, community science, and the pursuit of environmental problem solving</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
139 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/freedomsun1040.ogg">Nishant Sharma: The Gandhian way to freedom and privacy</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
140 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsun1040.ogg">McCoy Smith: Patents and freedom: Where we stand now</a> (<a href="">CC BY 4.0</a>)</li>
141 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/freedomsun1135.ogg">Dennis Payne: Free software game restoration</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
142 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsun1135.ogg">Ozcan Oguz, Alper Atmaca: Free software for minorities in Turkey in their own languages</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
143 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/freedomsun1335.ogg">Sean O'Brien: GNU Health Embedded: An introduction</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
144 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsun1335.ogg">Clarissa Borges: How to make more users love free software</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
145 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/freedomsun1430.ogg">Devin Ulibarri, Walter Bender: Sugar Labs: Past, present, and future</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
146 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsun1430.ogg">Der.hans: Fediverse: Decentralized social networking and services</a> (<a href="">CC BY 4.0</a>)</li>
147 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsun1430.ogg">Lori Nagel: The importance of free software games</a> (<a href="">CC BY 4.0</a>)</li>
148 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/freedomsun1525.ogg">Alper Atmaca, Grant Shangreaux, Joey Hess, Roberto Beltran, Vasilis, Jan Nieuwenhuizen, Shivaram Lingamneni: Lightning talks</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
149 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsun1525.ogg">Patrick Masson: The four free-ums?</a> (<a href="">CC BY 4.0</a>)</li>
150 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsun1525.ogg">Charles Lehner: Secure Scuttlebutt: Peer-to-peer collaboration and community infrastructure</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
151 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsun1620.ogg">Katheryn Sutter: Community healing: Re-establishing norms, trust, and truth after crises</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
152 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/patriotsun1620.ogg">Robert Read, Marc Jones: Public Invention: Free hardware inventions “in the public, for the public”</a> (<a href="">CC BY-SA 4.0</a>)</li>
153 <li><a href="GNUAV/lp2020_audio/grandsun1715.ogg">Brewster Kahle: Locking the Web open: A decentralized Web that can operate as free software does</a> (<a href="">CC BY 4.0</a>)</li>
154 </ul>
156 <h3>Data persistence on this member card</h3>
158 <p>Normally all data on this membership card is temporary. If you would like to
159 enable persistent storage on your membership card, run these commands in a
160 terminal while booted into the member card, then reboot:</p>
162 <pre><code>sudo mount -o remount,rw /cdrom
163 sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/cdrom/casper-rw bs=1M count=4K oflag=sync status=progress
164 sudo mkfs.ext4 -L casper-rw -F /cdrom/casper-rw
165 sudo sed -i 's/noprompt --/noprompt persistent --/' /cdrom/syslinux/txt.cfg /cdrom/isolinux/txt.cfg
166 sync
167 echo "done!"</code></pre>
169 <p>Note that USB flash storage is usually not as reliable as internal storage
170 media, and space is limited, so you should definitely back up any important
171 data!</p>
173 </div>
174 <p
175 style="font-size: 120%; font-weight: bold; color: rgb(187, 0, 0); text-align: center; margin-top: 25px; margin-bottom: 15px;">Your
176 support is greatly appreciated and <a
177 href="">recognized</a>.</p>
178 <div id="footer">
179 <p>The FSF is a charity with a worldwide mission to advance software
180 freedom — <a href="">learn about our history
181 and work</a>.</p>
182 <ul id="footer-links">
183 <li><a href="">News</a></li>
184 <li><a href="">Licensing</a></li>
185 <li><a href="">Events</a></li>
186 <li><a href="">Blogs</a></li>
187 <li><a href="">Directory</a></li>
188 <li><a href="">Resources</a></li>
189 <li><a href="">Patrons</a></li>
190 <li><a href="">Members</a></li>
191 <li><a href="">My account</a></li>
192 <li class="noright"><a href="">Contact
193 Us</a></li>
194 </ul>
195 <p>Copyright © 2004-2020 <a
196 href=""
197 title="Find out how to contact us">Free
198 Software Foundation, Inc</a>.</p>
200 <p>This work is licensed under a <a href="">Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 license (or later version)</a><a href="">Why this license?</a></p>
202 <p>The FSF also has sister organizations in <a
203 href="">Europe</a>, <a
204 href="">Latin America</a> and <a
205 href="">India</a>.</p>
207 </div>
208 </div>
209 </body>
210 </html>