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2020-03-05 Andrew Engelbrechtrefreshed keys master
2020-02-11 Ian Kellingdocs
2020-02-11 Ian Kellingupdate keyring and script for t9
2020-01-21 Ian Kellingremove departed board members
2020-01-21 Ian Kellingfix to use gpg2 properly
2020-01-21 Ian Kellingupdate keyring
2020-01-21 Ian Kellingscript is self contained, avoid potential errors from...
2019-12-04 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated signatures on keyring
2019-10-01 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated fsf keyring
2019-09-05 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated fsf keyring
2019-09-05 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated list of usable key servers
2019-08-12 Ian Kellingadd oliva
2019-07-11 Andrew Engelbrechtrefreshed fsf keyring exp dates, signatures
2019-07-09 Ian Kellingadd back keyservers, doesnt work with...
2019-07-09 Andrew Engelbrechtadded warning about spam key sigs to script
2019-07-09 Ian Kellingadd gregf, use safe keyserver
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