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owneraccount for gitolite
last changeFri, 3 Mar 2023 15:37:49 +0000 (10:37 -0500)
2023-03-03 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated fsf keyring signatures master
2023-02-01 Andrew Engelbrechtnew gpg keyring signature
2023-01-03 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated signatures
2022-12-01 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated fsf keyring
2022-11-02 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated fsf keyring
2022-10-05 Andrew Engelbrechtrefreshed gpg key signatures
2022-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtadded dawn's key to keyring
2022-09-23 Andrew Engelbrechtadding dawn's fingerprint
2022-09-01 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated fsf keyring (signature)
2022-08-25 Andrew Engelbrechtnew keyring, in binary format
2022-08-25 Andrew Engelbrechtdon't ascii armor the keyring
2022-08-25 Andrew Engelbrechtprint error, exit rather than ignore failure
2022-08-24 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated keyring with miriam's key
2022-08-24 Andrew Engelbrechtadding miriam's ssh key
2022-08-24 Andrew Engelbrechtupdated davis' key
2022-08-24 Andrew Engelbrechtbug fixes
4 weeks ago master