7 days ago Greg Faroughcorrect libreboot link master
2023-01-23 Michael McMahonRemove fundraiser elements
2023-01-17 Greg Faroughbump up vpn router model
2023-01-10 Andrew Engelbrechtpiwik tracking adjustment
2023-01-06 Greg Faroughadd a&z mention
2023-01-03 Michael McMahonExtend fundraiser for v13
2023-01-03 Michael McMahonExtend fundraiser
2022-12-09 Greg Faroughreplace image
2022-12-09 Greg Faroughchange filepath
2022-12-09 Greg Faroughreplace unsplash licensed image
2022-11-21 Greg Faroughremove sale
2022-11-21 Greg Faroughadd vikings
2022-11-21 Greg Faroughrestore vikings to x200
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughnew caveat v13
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughslight adjustments
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughmore and more and more
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughadjust lp note
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughadjust notes
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughmatomo
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughworking lp link
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughlibreplanet
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughmnt note, adjust pine64 note
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughfavicon color
2022-11-18 Greg Faroughincrease h5 size
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughebook drm link
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughbump up ryf item
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughgerunds, etc
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughrecolor fsf logo
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughstyle of fsf logo
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughremove charity desaturation
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughmerge volunteer sections
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughanti-netflix reference
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughshorten ebook section slightly
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughremove yubico
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughrephrasings
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughallude to new section
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughshorten intro
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughx200 adjustments
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughswap china link
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughmore space to h5
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughcorrect esd link
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughtextual replicant link
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughcomma
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughadjust intro
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughmutopia
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughcorrect link
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughhelp ryf
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughno, not that discord
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughnot really last year anymore innit?
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughdbd contextualizing
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughh-node irc
2022-11-17 Greg Farough🍎🎃
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughbe more general
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughadd wishlist suggestion
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughgift a membership
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughdelete neug, add x200 reason
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughchange hashtag
2022-11-17 Greg Faroughswap intro
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughcss changes to accommodate magnifying glass
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughspotlight img from unsplash, cf unsplash license
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughwikimedia public domain magnifying glass
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughadd spotlight image
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughmax freedom
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughpromising projects section
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughupdate copyright
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughremove buy link + add note
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughratzz
2022-11-16 Greg Farough"early" doesn't matter
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughtrisquel note
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughdelete phone reference
2022-11-16 Greg Faroughmodernize nantucket reference
2022-11-15 Greg Faroughreplace piwik keyword
2022-11-15 Greg Faroughtypo
2022-11-15 Greg Faroughnew intro
2022-11-15 Greg Faroughinitial commit with new colors
2022-11-14 Michael McMahonAdd banner and modal window
2022-07-18 Greg FaroughRevert "Add banner and modal window"
2022-07-18 Greg FaroughRevert "Extending fundraiser."
2022-07-18 Greg FaroughRevert "updating for stretch goal"
2022-07-11 Andrew Engelbrechtupdating for stretch goal
2022-07-07 Michael McMahonExtending fundraiser.
2022-06-13 Michael McMahonAdd banner and modal window
2022-02-18 Greg Faroughfix blender link
2022-01-22 Michael McMahonRemoving banner and modal window
2022-01-01 Michael McMahonExtend fundraiser. Add fundraiser to v12.
2021-12-01 Greg Faroughremove viking d8
2021-12-01 Greg FaroughRevert "remove viking d8"
2021-12-01 Greg Faroughremove viking d8
2021-11-22 Greg Faroughswap out mastodon link with explanatory link
2021-11-21 Greg Faroughmartial -> marshal
2021-11-19 Greg Faroughversion bump
2021-11-18 Greg Faroughclean up sales
2021-11-18 Greg Faroughfinish changes and move directory
2021-11-18 Greg Faroughedits
2021-11-16 Greg Faroughremove other vikings sales link
2021-11-16 Greg Faroughremove extraneous free-sw link
2021-11-16 Greg Faroughcorrect philosophy link
2021-11-16 Greg FaroughMerge branch 'master' of ssh://vcs.fsf.org/fsf-giving...
2021-11-16 Greg Faroughmerge
2021-11-16 Greg Faroughadd nantucket ebooks