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9ac636d0 1# Guidelines for future use
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9ac636d0 3## Images:
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9ac636d0 5* If it's a logo then ALWAYS export the images from its VECTOR (.svg, .eps, .pdf) source. If a vector source isn't available, use a very large image and scale it down.
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9ac636d0 7* Do not put a logo next to a product or vice-versa, Always use images with the same nature (i.e. product versus product; logo versus logo)
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9ac636d0 9* Charities' logos should be exported to 580px × 580px, transparent PNG
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11* Products' images, "good" or "naughty" should be put inside transparent, square PNG files at 350px × 350px, and a padding consistent with existing images.
13## BUY/GET button
15* Copy the entire block of code including the two lines for comments before and after the Divs.
17* Paste it just after the **h5** line.
19* Append a unique string to the `id` `href` `aria-controls` of the **a** elements, as well as the `id` of the next div and the content of `document.getElementById('...')` so that all have the same text. Example: `get-iem-smartphone` `get-item-compact` ...
21* Change the content of the Anchor link **a** and its `href` attributes to link to different sellers.
23* If the product has only one source use this code instead:
25`<a class="btn get-item" role="button" href="#">BUY</a>`
28## General Best Practices
30* Resist the urge to add another list-element **li** to announce a SALE, a BONUS, or anything unrelated to being a PROS or CONS. Instead use the SALE triangle, and Bootstrap's *alert* (Check its documentation, or existing code if unsure)
32* Avoid using very long titles as they tend to wrap into multiple lines on mobile devices. Be concise.