owneraccount for gitolite
last changeWed, 27 Jul 2022 18:28:49 +0000 (14:28 -0400)
2022-07-27 Andrew Engelbrechtfixes for gmg0p, which is t10 master
2019-08-17 Andrew Engelbrechtinstalling console-common uninstalls cryptsetup
2018-09-04 Andrew Engelbrechtinstall keepassx on workstation machines
2018-05-25 Andrew Engelbrechtadded git annex as a tool for workstations
2018-03-28 Andrew Engelbrechtadded imagemagick to workstation group
2018-02-20 Andrew Engelbrechtadd pdftk to workstation class
2017-11-13 Andrew Engelbrechtadded eog package to workstation group
2017-10-05 Ian Kellingfix /etc/mailname permissions
2017-09-15 Andrew Engelbrechtadded an, anagram generator to package list
2017-09-13 Andrew Engelbrechtadded 'patch' utility to package list
2017-08-29 Andrew Engelbrechtadded xclip to workstation group
2017-08-09 Andrew Engelbrechtfaiserver0 doesn't need grub.
2017-08-09 Andrew Engelbrechtremoved stray spaces in pkgconfig files
2017-08-09 Andrew Engelbrechtadded pandoc to workstations class
2017-08-03 Ian Kellingfix typo, python3 package not installed on workstations
2017-07-31 Ian Kellingmake workstations get gui emacs, others have non-gui
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