2016-02-29 Lisa Marie... more tweaks to install script
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie... fixed typo
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie... updated sudo command
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie... fixed plugin perms and flup version
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie... added missing letsencrypt libs
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie... added missing packages
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie... fixed a missing ROOTCMD
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie... removoed extra server from config
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... ssl
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... fixes for plugins
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... added plugins
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... added missing deps
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... fixed hostname
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... added letsencrypt
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... added line to delete default config
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... fixed typos
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... added line to enable nginx config
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... added ngnix conf
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... moved old LIBREPLANET class to LPCON
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... fixed typo
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... round2 of gmg install
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... init scripts for gmg
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... fixed typo
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... added sql to move to utf8
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... fixed permissions
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... fixed sed command again, teehee
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... added pygrub grub config
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... fixed sed command
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... more fixes to install path
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... fixed bugs in install-setup
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... Removed create psql user, movoed to init.d style instal...
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie... made gmg 05 rerunable
2016-02-27 Lisa Marie... added f2b
2016-02-27 Lisa Marie... fixed group
2016-02-27 Lisa Marie... added psql to gmg
2016-02-26 Lisa Marie... added GMG vars, movved local user script, added nekohost
2016-02-26 Lisa Marie... added kernel to VM class
2016-02-26 Lisa Marie... added inital isntall for gmg, no configfile yet
2016-02-26 Lisa Marie... inital gmg work
2016-02-23 Andrew Engelbrechtadded zomeminder configuration script and file
2016-02-19 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed spelling of class name invocation
2016-02-19 Andrew Engelbrechtadded mysqld class to zoneminder
2016-02-19 Andrew Engelbrechtadding iptables package
2016-02-19 Andrew Engelbrechtadding elinks package
2016-02-19 Andrew Engelbrechtzoneminder systems are not diskless, they use xen
2016-01-20 soonumAdding PHP5 package attitude file glamptestings
2015-12-24 John DulaneyMerge branch 'master' of vcs.fsf.org:fai-configs
2015-12-24 John DulaneyFix permissions
2015-12-21 Andrew Engelbrechtremoved redundant reference to class sudoman-mods
2015-12-21 Andrew Engelbrechtadded iputils-tracepath package
2015-12-21 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into sudoman-mods
2015-12-21 Ruben RodriguezAdded file-roller to workstations
2015-12-16 John DulaneyAdd yourls support
2015-12-15 John DulaneyCorrect install dir
2015-12-15 John DulaneyForgot package_config
2015-12-15 John DulaneyForgot package_config
2015-12-15 John DulaneyAdd gnu-social bits
2015-10-30 k054add mariadb class
2015-10-30 Lisa Marie... lolwut
2015-10-30 k054cleaning class
2015-10-30 k054shopserver0d
2015-10-30 k054php5-gd
2015-10-30 k054add packaged for shopserver0d
2015-10-15 k054add php-cas for crmservers
2015-10-14 Andrew Engelbrechtadded zoneminder class for zoneminder install
2015-09-21 Andrew Engelbrechtadded the tree package to FAIBASE
2015-09-17 Andrew Engelbrechtcreated 3DPRINT class
2015-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtadded mutt package
2015-09-08 Andrew Engelbrechtadded dnsutils package
2015-09-04 Ruben Rodriguezset 30-interface for dirinstall
2015-09-03 Ruben Rodriguezbroadcast not needed in scipts/FAIBASE/30-interface
2015-09-03 Ruben RodriguezUpdated scripts/FAIBASE/30-interface from upstream
2015-09-03 Ruben RodriguezAdded packages language-pack-en-base to FAIBASE and...
2015-09-02 Ruben RodriguezDisable dash as default shell
2015-09-02 Ruben RodriguezRun apt in noninteractive mode in custom scripts
2015-08-26 Andrew Engelbrechtadded nethogs package
2015-08-26 Andrew Engelbrechtadded kpartx, a small and useful tool
2015-08-20 Andrew Engelbrechtbackupninja isn't neeeded on every system; remove
2015-08-20 Andrew Engelbrechtadding backupninja and rdiff-backup packages
2015-08-19 Andrew Engelbrechtadded sloccount package
2015-08-19 Andrew Engelbrechtgenerate this common locale
2015-08-17 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'sudoman-mods'
2015-08-17 Andrew Engelbrechtadd network-manager class
2015-08-15 Andrew Engelbrechtadded some pacakges; removed vim from FAIBASE
2015-08-15 Andrew Engelbrechtadded some pacakges; removed vim from FAIBASE
2015-08-15 Andrew Engelbrechtrevert freetop changes, unset DHCPC class
2015-08-14 Andrew Engelbrechtadding uptimed for uptime history recording
2015-08-14 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'sudoman-mods'
2015-08-14 Andrew Engelbrechtuse memtest86 instead of memtest86+
2015-08-14 Andrew Engelbrechtdisable dhcp on eth0 for freetops
2015-08-14 Andrew Engelbrechtadd the vim package
2015-08-13 Andrew Engelbrechtadd bash-completion package
2015-08-13 Andrew Engelbrechtupdate .gitignore
2015-08-11 Lisa Marie... added KOSA package
2015-08-10 Lisa Marie... fixed classes file
2015-08-10 Lisa Marie... merge
2015-08-10 Lisa Marie... fixed ploneserver
2015-08-10 Stephen Mahoodcorrected a possible typo
2015-08-10 Lisa Marie... fixed clock sysnc
2015-08-05 Stephen Mahoodfixed typo