2019-08-17 Andrew Engelbrechtinstalling console-common uninstalls cryptsetup master
2018-09-04 Andrew Engelbrechtinstall keepassx on workstation machines
2018-05-25 Andrew Engelbrechtadded git annex as a tool for workstations
2018-03-28 Andrew Engelbrechtadded imagemagick to workstation group
2018-02-20 Andrew Engelbrechtadd pdftk to workstation class
2017-11-13 Andrew Engelbrechtadded eog package to workstation group
2017-10-05 Ian Kellingfix /etc/mailname permissions
2017-09-15 Andrew Engelbrechtadded an, anagram generator to package list
2017-09-13 Andrew Engelbrechtadded 'patch' utility to package list
2017-08-29 Andrew Engelbrechtadded xclip to workstation group
2017-08-09 Andrew Engelbrechtfaiserver0 doesn't need grub.
2017-08-09 Andrew Engelbrechtremoved stray spaces in pkgconfig files
2017-08-09 Andrew Engelbrechtadded pandoc to workstations class
2017-08-03 Ian Kellingfix typo, python3 package not installed on workstations
2017-07-31 Ian Kellingmake workstations get gui emacs, others have non-gui
2017-07-31 Ian KellingRevert "make workstations have gui emacs"
2017-07-31 Ian Kellingmake workstations have gui emacs
2017-07-26 Andrew Engelbrechtadded nano package
2017-07-13 Ruben RodriguezDisabled fsfsys-trisquel repo
2017-07-12 Andrew Engelbrechtadded pip (not pop) to workstation packages
2017-07-12 Andrew Engelbrechtadded gedit-plugins to package groups
2017-07-11 Andrew Engelbrechtadded youtube-dl to workstations
2017-06-27 Andrew Engelbrechtadded iotop to faibase
2017-06-26 Andrew Engelbrechtchanged root password for new installs
2017-06-14 Andrew Engelbrechtadded 'acl' package to set advanced file perms
2017-06-09 Andrew Engelbrechtadded sysstat to faibase package list
2017-06-09 Andrew Engelbrechtadded gitk to workstation installations
2017-04-26 Andrew Engelbrechtadded dnsutils to faibase
2017-04-26 Andrew Engelbrechtadded wget to base class
2017-04-24 Andrew Engelbrechtadded eatmydata package to faibase
2017-04-13 Andrew Engelbrechtadded packages to workstation machines
2017-03-21 Ruben RodriguezAlways use linux-image-generic
2017-02-16 Andrew Engelbrechtcorrect name of package to install mailx
2017-02-16 Andrew Engelbrechtadded mailx program for certbot update logging
2017-02-10 Andrew Engelbrechthtop for everyone
2017-02-10 Andrew Engelbrechtadded rt1p, etc to host classes
2016-12-12 Andrew Engelbrechtadded migration* class
2016-12-12 Andrew Engelbrechtadded tmux to faibase
2016-11-07 Andrew Engelbrechtadded php5-cli script to ejabberd class
2016-11-07 Andrew Engelbrechtadded dos2unix program
2016-11-03 Andrew Engelbrechtadded empathy xmpp client to workstation class
2016-11-02 Andrew Engelbrechtadded apache2 to ejabberd class
2016-11-02 Andrew Engelbrechtadded ejabberd package to EJABBERD class
2016-11-02 Andrew Engelbrechtadded two useful tools to SYSADMIN class
2016-11-02 Andrew Engelbrechtadded SYSADMIN class to jabserver* hosts
2016-10-28 Andrew Engelbrechtadded jabserver2p configs
2016-07-07 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded jab
2016-07-07 Lisa Marie Maginnispushed changes to jab
2016-07-07 Lisa Marie Maginnisupdpated jabber
2016-07-07 Lisa Marie MaginnisMerge branch 'master' of vcs.fsf.org:fai-configs
2016-06-29 Andrew Engelbrechtadded pareted as a disk tool
2016-06-29 Andrew Engelbrechtadded syslinux and extlinux tools for diskstation0
2016-06-27 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded crmserver2d
2016-06-23 Lisa Marie Maginnismore configs for exim4
2016-06-23 Lisa Marie Maginnisremoved a typo
2016-06-23 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed datatype problem
2016-06-23 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed exim4 settings
2016-06-23 Lisa Marie MaginnisRemoved exim line
2016-06-22 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded missing depend to civicrm
2016-06-20 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded letsencrypt to crmsrever
2016-06-02 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded cloud class
2016-05-04 Samuel CanteroFix some env variables and add LUKS and ecryptfs support
2016-04-22 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded letsencrypt to shop
2016-04-21 Lisa Marie MaginnisMerge branch 'master' of vcs.fsf.org:fai-configs
2016-04-21 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded contop
2016-04-04 Ruben RodriguezShow manual login entry in lightdm
2016-03-18 Andrew Engelbrechtadded resolvconf package to LAPTOP class
2016-03-17 Lisa Marie MaginnisAdded install script for abyss, and config fors treamtop3
2016-03-16 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded LAPTOP class for diskconfig
2016-03-16 Lisa Marie Maginnischanges to fix fai-cds
2016-03-15 Lisa Marie Maginnisattempt 1
2016-03-15 Lisa Marie Maginnismore to streaming
2016-03-08 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded irc0d
2016-03-08 Lisa Marie Maginnismerged
2016-03-08 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded ircclass
2016-03-02 Lisa Marie Maginnistweaks for lp
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnismoved key back to fqdn
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed small typo
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnismore tweaks to gmg
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed typo
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisautomated letsencrypt
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisautomated letsencrypt
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisforcing ssl
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded paste_local
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnismore tweaks to install script
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed typo
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisupdated sudo command
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed plugin perms and flup version
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded missing letsencrypt libs
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded missing packages
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed a missing ROOTCMD
2016-02-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisremovoed extra server from config
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisssl
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixes for plugins
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded plugins
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded missing deps
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed hostname
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded letsencrypt
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded line to delete default config
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed typos