more fixes to install path
[fai-configs.git] / scripts / GMG /
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnismore fixes to install path
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed bugs in install-setup
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie MaginnisRemoved create psql user, movoed to init.d style instal...
2016-02-28 Lisa Marie Maginnismade gmg 05 rerunable
2016-02-27 Lisa Marie Maginnisfixed group
2016-02-26 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded GMG vars, movved local user script, added nekohost
2016-02-26 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded inital isntall for gmg, no configfile yet
2016-02-26 Lisa Marie Maginnisinital gmg work