removed redundant reference to class
[fai-configs.git] / scripts / FAIBASE /
2015-09-04 Ruben Rodriguezset 30-interface for dirinstall
2015-09-03 Ruben Rodriguezbroadcast not needed in scipts/FAIBASE/30-interface
2015-09-03 Ruben RodriguezUpdated scripts/FAIBASE/30-interface from upstream
2015-08-19 Andrew Engelbrechtgenerate this common locale
2015-08-17 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'sudoman-mods'
2015-08-17 Andrew Engelbrechtadd network-manager class
2014-12-01 stephen mahoodcreated VM class, configured to *not* install grub...
2014-08-18 rootAdded patched version of git configs
2014-06-06 rootinitial commit