added dnsutils to faibase
[fai-configs.git] / package_config / FAIBASE
2017-04-26 Andrew Engelbrechtadded dnsutils to faibase
2017-04-26 Andrew Engelbrechtadded wget to base class
2017-04-24 Andrew Engelbrechtadded eatmydata package to faibase
2017-02-16 Andrew Engelbrechtcorrect name of package to install mailx
2017-02-16 Andrew Engelbrechtadded mailx program for certbot update logging
2017-02-10 Andrew Engelbrechthtop for everyone
2016-12-12 Andrew Engelbrechtadded tmux to faibase
2016-11-07 Andrew Engelbrechtadded dos2unix program
2016-07-07 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded jab
2016-07-07 Lisa Marie Maginnisupdpated jabber
2016-05-04 Samuel CanteroFix some env variables and add LUKS and ecryptfs support
2016-03-08 Lisa Marie Maginnismerged
2016-02-27 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded f2b
2016-02-19 Andrew Engelbrechtadding iptables package
2016-02-19 Andrew Engelbrechtadding elinks package
2015-12-24 John DulaneyMerge branch 'master' of
2015-12-21 Andrew Engelbrechtadded iputils-tracepath package
2015-12-21 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'master' into sudoman-mods
2015-09-21 Andrew Engelbrechtadded the tree package to FAIBASE
2015-09-10 Andrew Engelbrechtadded mutt package
2015-09-03 Ruben RodriguezAdded packages language-pack-en-base to FAIBASE and...
2015-08-26 Andrew Engelbrechtadded kpartx, a small and useful tool
2015-08-20 Andrew Engelbrechtbackupninja isn't neeeded on every system; remove
2015-08-20 Andrew Engelbrechtadding backupninja and rdiff-backup packages
2015-08-15 Andrew Engelbrechtadded some pacakges; removed vim from FAIBASE
2015-08-15 Andrew Engelbrechtadded some pacakges; removed vim from FAIBASE
2015-08-14 Andrew Engelbrechtadding uptimed for uptime history recording
2015-08-14 Andrew EngelbrechtMerge branch 'sudoman-mods'
2015-08-14 Andrew Engelbrechtadd the vim package
2015-08-13 Andrew Engelbrechtadd bash-completion package
2015-07-10 Lisa Marie Maginnisgit push
2015-06-18 Stephen Mahood ... added ntpdate and ca-certs to FAIBASE
2015-06-03 Lisa Marie MaginnisMerge branch 'master' of
2015-06-03 Lisa Marie Maginnismoved packages out of base
2015-05-12 Lisa Marie MaginnisMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-27 Lisa Marie MaginnisMerge branch 'master' of
2015-03-25 stephen mahoodadded digikam
2015-02-06 stephen mahoodadded scribus to faibase
2015-02-05 stephen mahoodIkiwikiserver apache and FAIBASE for guile and autoconf
2014-12-24 stephen mahoodcreated new class frestation04 and new pacakage MV
2014-12-23 stephen mahoodremoved network-manager from FAIBASE
2014-12-22 stephen mahoodadded rsyslog- & syslog-ng to FAIBASE and altere ikiwik...
2014-10-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded libnss-myhostname
2014-10-25 Lisa Marie Maginnisdisk tweaks
2014-10-25 Lisa Marie Maginnisdisk tweaks
2014-08-12 rootAdded git to FAIBASE for git based configs
2014-06-06 rootinitial commit