fixed scripts to copy more files
[fai-configs.git] / files /
2015-01-27 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded gitconfig, updated ikiwiki
2015-01-27 Lisa Marie MaginnisAdded ikiwiki config for ssh
2014-12-08 stephen mahoodadded pumpa and pidgin-libnotify
2014-10-29 Lisa Marie Maginnisaadded opts to diskless fstab
2014-10-28 Lisa Marie Maginnisadded new interfaces file for diskless
2014-10-24 Lisa Marie Maginnismade tweak to idmap
2014-10-24 Lisa Marie Maginnismoved idmapconf
2014-10-24 Lisa Marie MaginnisFixed idmap on diskless
2014-09-28 Lisa Marie MaginnisAdded rc.local for rms
2014-09-14 Lisa Marie MaginnisAdded fsf extras repo
2014-09-14 Lisa Marie MaginnisAdded fsf extras repo
2014-08-19 rootFixed faiconfig
2014-08-18 rootAdded patched version of git configs
2014-08-11 rootCleanup commit, added diskless clients
2014-06-06 rootinitial commit