2017-05-09 Phil PennockAdd option commandline_checks_require_admin
2017-05-07 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add DANE cases for DNS secure no-TLSA lookups
2017-05-07 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add DANE testcase for TLSA lookup SERVFAIL
2017-05-07 Jeremy HarrisDANE: do not trust a non-dnssec NXDOMAIN return for...
2017-05-07 Jeremy HarrisDANE: avoid info leak by checking TLSA dnssec before...
2017-05-07 Jeremy Harristidying
2017-05-07 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix fakens to not claim that an unsupported...
2017-05-06 Jeremy HarrisEnable use of sendfile on FreeBSD
2017-05-06 Jeremy HarrisEnable use of sendfile on FreeBSD
2017-05-06 Jeremy HarrisTeach SMTP input sync check ("input sent too soon"...
2017-05-06 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on Received-By: header creation under...
2017-05-04 Jeremy Harristestsuite: tidying
2017-05-04 Jeremy HarrisCHUNKING / wire-format spool: use block-copies for...
2017-05-01 Jeremy Harristestsuite output changes
2017-05-01 Jeremy Harristestsuite: tidying
2017-05-01 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity
2017-04-30 Jeremy HarrisFix continue_more on TLS connection. Bug 2104
2017-04-30 Jeremy HarrisDocs: more info on wire-format spoolfiles
2017-04-29 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity fixes
2017-04-28 Jeremy HarrisDocs: describe operation of continued-connection TLS
2017-04-28 Jeremy HarrisSupport wire-format spoolfiles
2017-04-26 Jeremy HarrisEnable use of sendfile
2017-04-26 Jeremy HarrisTweak debug output
2017-04-24 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add 8BITMIME status field to log line info
2017-04-24 Jeremy HarrisDocs: note that dkim_domain can take a list for signing
2017-04-23 Jeremy HarrisFix DISABLE_DKIM biuld
2017-04-23 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: avoid use of temporary file for signing
2017-04-18 Jeremy HarrisCHUNKING: pipeline data right after the BDAT command
2017-04-17 Jeremy HarrisReduce number of places knowing about filename-construc...
2017-04-16 Jeremy HarrisRework detection of multiple ports on a given IP, for...
2017-04-16 Jeremy Harristidying
2017-04-15 Jeremy HarrisTransport: fix smtp under combo of mua_wrapper and...
2017-04-14 Jeremy HarrisBuiltin macros: note config trigger line in debug output
2017-04-13 Phil Pennock$SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH support for build date stamp
2017-04-11 Jeremy Harriscompiler quietening
2017-04-10 Nigel MetheringhamRemove references to some csx.cam sites
2017-04-09 Jeremy Harristypo
2017-04-08 Jeremy Harristidying
2017-04-06 Jeremy Harristidying
2017-04-06 Jeremy HarrisCallout/hold: ensure TLS-proxy process is not waited...
2017-04-06 Jeremy HarrisDebug: show error for SMTP read response
2017-04-05 Jeremy HarrisCallout/hold: fix uninitialized variable
2017-04-03 Jeremy HarrisDocs: expand descriptiong of control=debug
2017-04-02 Jeremy HarrisOpenssl: disable session-tickets by default and session...
2017-04-02 Jeremy HarrisDocs: fix definition of msg:fail:delivery event
2017-04-02 Jeremy Harristidying
2017-03-24 Heiko Schlittermann... Documentation: replace http by https where possible
2017-03-22 Jeremy Harristidying
2017-03-22 Heiko Schlittermann... Doc: clarify location of DMARC dmarc_tld_file
2017-03-21 Jeremy HarrisCallouts: a "hold" option for receipient-verify, which...
2017-03-21 Jeremy HarrisLogging: make cipher info available for continued-TLS...
2017-03-20 Heiko Schlittermann... exigrep: migrate to Getopt::Long, allow --no-pager
2017-03-19 Heiko Schlittermann... exigrep: use a pager if stdout is connected to a terminal
2017-03-19 Heiko Schlittermann... exigrep: add POD and -h, -m
2017-03-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: allow --range <number> +
2017-03-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: fixup testsuite test about flavours
2017-03-18 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: check numeric values of IPv4 address components
2017-03-15 Jeremy HarrisLogging: mark continued-TLS connection deliveries with...
2017-03-12 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: add --test and --range options
2017-03-12 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Getopt::Long, --help, --man for runtest
2017-03-12 Andrew Colin... Malware: new connection type "f-prot6d" for FPSCAND...
2017-03-12 Jeremy HarrisDocs: fix description of tls_advertise_hosts
2017-03-12 Bernd KuhlsuClibc does not contain gnu/libc-version.h
2017-03-11 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: remove debug "ps" output from 0420
2017-03-09 Jeremy HarrisDebug: Use UTF-8 linedrawing, for indent partial-markers
2017-03-08 Jeremy HarrisShorten long daemon-startup log lines
2017-03-08 Jeremy HarrisSome platforms (Solaris) do not have AF_LOCAL; use...
2017-03-08 Jeremy HarrisDocs: fix macro typo
2017-03-07 Jeremy HarrisDelivery: contined-connection maintaining TLS
2017-03-07 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clean for next release
2017-03-04 Jeremy HarrisDebug: Use UTF-8 linedrawing rather than ASCII lineart...
2017-03-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: sys_errlist[] not supported on all platforms
2017-03-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: do not wait forever for exim daemon to start up
2017-03-03 Phil Pennockopenssl.txt: stamp RPATH into library too
2017-02-28 Jeremy HarrisCoverity fixes
2017-02-28 Phil PennockDocument Jeremy's ref-count bug-fix as 4.89 JH/19
2017-02-28 Jeremy HarrisMemory Management: drop another variable ($callout_addr...
2017-02-28 Jeremy HarrisFix child-address counting.
2017-02-28 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add more Redis info
2017-02-27 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: tidying
2017-02-27 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Fix more end-of-input markers (****)
2017-02-27 Jeremy HarrisDocs: tidy a table
2017-02-27 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: reduce trailing 0372 subtest to queue-only
2017-02-26 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Terminate the client input properly
2017-02-26 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Add EXIM_TEST_NUMBER to the environment
2017-02-26 Jeremy HarrisAdd option to control use of shutdown by ${readsocket...
2017-02-26 Phil PennockChangeLog entry JH/18; applying to 4.89 release
2017-02-26 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: rework error logging - compiler quietening. ...
2017-02-26 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: in force-continue mode, always dump any...
2017-02-26 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: regression test for Bug 2061
2017-02-26 Jeremy HarrisFix ${extract } corrupting an enclosing ${reduce }...
2017-02-26 Phil PennockPoint at readline fix on macOS
2017-02-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: set cmdline before running testcase not...
2017-02-25 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: rework error logging to pass strings back to...
2017-02-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add file-inclusion facility to "client"...
2017-02-25 Jeremy HarrisMemory Management: new main-section config option ...
2017-02-25 Phil PennockPull in vdukhovni/ssl_dane 8270afba fix
2017-02-24 Jeremy Harristidying
2017-02-24 Jeremy HarrisMemory management: drop $acl_m_ variables explicitly...
2017-02-23 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify non-applicability of the tls_eccurve...