2014-04-30 Todd LyonsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.exim.org/home/git...
2014-04-30 Heiko SchlichtingBug 1454: Option -oMm for message reference
2014-04-27 Jeremy HarrisAdd options dnssec_request_domains, dnssec_require_doma...
2014-04-24 Jeremy HarrisSupport OCSP Stapling under GnuTLS. Bug 1459
2014-04-24 Jeremy HarrisDnssec observability: add variable $lookup_dnssec_authe...
2014-04-24 Todd LyonsFix typo in markup. Add .new/.wen.
2014-04-24 Lars TimmannBug 609: Add -C option to exiqgrep
2014-04-24 Jeremy Harrisdnssec_strict, _lax, _never modifiers for dnsdb lookups
2014-04-23 Heiko SchlichtingBug 1453: Add SERVERS ldap server list override
2014-04-23 Todd LyonsMerge branch 'master' of git://git.exim.org/exim
2014-04-23 Todd LyonsMake --verbose propogate to html generation script
2014-04-21 Phil PennockMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/13'
2014-04-21 mgexiqgrep: add -a to use all recipients (including deliv...
2014-04-21 Jeremy HarrisUpdated GnuTLS error messages
2014-04-21 Jeremy HarrisFix testcase "server missing/empty certificate file"
2014-04-21 Jeremy HarrisFix DISABLE_DNSSEC build
2014-04-20 Jeremy HarrisMake testcase more robust vs. timing variations
2014-04-20 Jeremy HarrisRestore testsuite operation under gnuTLS 2.8.5
2014-04-20 Jeremy HarrisUpdate testsuite for gnuTLS 3.1.23
2014-04-20 Jeremy HarrisAdd options dnssec_request_domains, dnssec_require_doma...
2014-04-20 Jeremy HarrisFix handling of $tls_cipher et.al. in (non-verify)...
2014-04-19 Todd LyonsCopyright year updates:
2014-04-19 Todd LyonsFix Proxy Protocol v2 handling
2014-04-19 Jeremy HarrisFix logging of nomail
2014-04-16 Phil PennockBail configuration on missing package
2014-04-16 Phil PennockReport OpenSSL build date too.
2014-04-15 Todd LyonsMake dmarc code c89 compliant
2014-04-15 Todd LyonsAdd back deprecated SPF error conditions
2014-04-15 Todd LyonsAdd expansion for DMARC policy
2014-04-15 Todd LyonsMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.exim.org/home/git...
2014-04-15 Todd LyonsDe-duplicate two documentation sections
2014-04-14 Axel RauUpdate ${utf8clean }. Bug 1401
2014-04-13 Jeremy HarrisFix build for update on library component.
2014-04-09 Jeremy HarrisMore care with headers add/remove lists. Bug 1452
2014-04-09 Todd Lyonsdnsdb tlsa lookup
2014-03-26 Todd LyonsPrint support for Experimental Proxy with -bV
2014-03-23 Jeremy HarrisFix string_unprinting()
2014-03-20 Jeremy HarrisFuture-proof OpenSSL version string. Bug 1421
2014-03-19 Jeremy HarrisFix testcase for GnuTLS tls_require_ciphers
2014-03-19 Jeremy HarrisDocs for transport tls_verify_hosts &c.
2014-03-19 Wolfgang BreyhaAdd tls_verify_hosts and tls_try_verify_hosts to smtp...
2014-03-19 Jeremy HarrisFix testsuite GnuTLS case for 511a6c1
2014-03-18 Jeremy HarrisFix ACL "condition =" for negative number values. ...
2014-03-16 Heiko SchlittermannEnforce that only smtp transports can be used for verif...
2014-03-16 Jeremy HarrisSupport transport-added headers under cutthrough delive...
2014-03-15 Wolfgang BreyhaAdd tls_verify_hosts and tls_try_verify_hosts to smtp...
2014-03-15 Jeremy HarrisTestcases
2014-03-15 Jeremy HarrisAdd documentation
2014-03-11 Jeremy HarrisFix DISABLE_DKIM build
2014-03-09 Jeremy HarrisRefactor malware.c and introduce new scanner type ...
2014-03-09 Jeremy HarrisLog port and TLS details for a failed delivery
2014-03-09 Jeremy HarrisLog incoming-TLS details on rejects. Bug 305
2014-03-09 Jeremy HarrisFix docs for utf8clean
2014-03-08 Axel Rau${utf8clean:string} expansion operator. Bug 1401
2014-03-08 Jeremy HarrisExpand documentation on use of dnslists in an IPv6...
2014-03-07 Todd LyonsChange strings of SPF result to conform to RFC 4408
2014-03-06 Michael Fischer... Code for verify=header_names_ascii
2014-03-05 Wolfgang BreyhaSupport log_selector smtp_confirmation for the lmtp...
2014-03-02 Phil PennockFix docs, `dns_dnssec_ok` not `dns_use_dnssec`
2014-03-01 Jeremy HarrisFix parallel make. Bug 1446
2014-02-26 Wolfgang BreyhaAdd tls_verify_hosts and tls_try_verify_hosts to smtp...
2014-02-09 Jeremy HarrisFix build on systems having ipv6 but lacking an IPV6_TC...
2014-01-26 Jeremy HarrisFix tls_verify_certificates in gnutls use. Bug 1413.
2014-01-14 Wolfgang BreyhaBugzilla 1433: Fix DMARC SEGV
2014-01-07 Phil PennockUpdate copyright year in --version output
2014-01-07 Phil PennockCopyright year updates:
2014-01-07 Phil PennockCopyright year updates: 2014
2014-01-05 Jeremy HarrisDocument (and enforce) that DKIM-signing is not support...
2014-01-05 Jeremy HarrisDocumant the non-support of header manipulation in...
2014-01-05 Jeremy HarrisExplicitly disable cutthrough on transports having...
2014-01-05 Jeremy HarrisExplicitly disable cutthrough on transports having...
2013-12-30 Todd LyonsProxy negotiation saves socket timeout values.
2013-12-22 Jeremy HarrisAdd ${listextract {n}{list}...}
2013-12-15 Jeremy HarrisFix use of uninitialized variable
2013-12-15 Jeremy HarrisIncrease test CA key sizes from 512 to 1024 to handle...
2013-12-07 Jeremy HarrisClarify interaction of delay_warning and retry configur...
2013-11-30 Todd LyonsProxy Protocol - Server support
2013-11-21 Phil Pennockbuild: try to get dash/bash for sanity
2013-11-20 Jeremy HarrisFix testsuite build on Solaris
2013-11-20 Todd LyonsFix ldap option setting.
2013-11-12 Jeremy HarrisFix memory management vs acl-as-conditional, redux
2013-11-10 Jeremy HarrisFix memory management vs. acl-as-conditional
2013-11-10 Jeremy HarrisAdd commented-braces for ease of brace-matching editor use
2013-11-10 Phil Pennockspec: TLS certificates: avoid MD5
2013-11-09 Todd LyonsBug 1334: AutoDetect compression type in exigrep
2013-11-07 Tony FinchPortability fix for Solaris without xpg4 utilities
2013-11-07 Tony Finchquickrelease: A dumb script for making source-only...
2013-11-05 Todd LyonsPut back a required .new/.wen stanza
2013-11-05 Todd LyonsPrep docs/markup for next release cycle
2013-11-05 Tony FinchExplain the TLS cleanup bug in the ChangeLog
2013-11-05 Tony FinchCorrectly close the server side of TLS when forking...
2013-10-31 Todd LyonsOnly unbind ldap connection if bind succeeded
2013-10-25 Phil PennockDoc/Spec: section "Trust in configuration data" exim-4_82
2013-10-22 Todd LyonsMerge branch 'master' of git://git.exim.org/exim exim-4_82_RC5
2013-10-22 Todd LyonsSilence compiler string format warning exim-4_82_RC4
2013-10-22 Todd LyonsBug 1400: Fix GnuTLS PKCS11 issues
2013-10-19 Todd LyonsTests: Don't delete patched exim if -KEEP is used
2013-10-19 Todd LyonsExtra requires/notes for running test suite
2013-10-19 Todd LyonsBugzilla 1402 - Handle upper case chars in tests
2013-10-18 Todd LyonsAdjust runtest -CONTINUE to work everywhere