2016-11-03 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: structure the testsuite test
2016-11-02 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: README for t/
2016-11-02 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: started t/ to add tests for the testsuite
2016-11-02 Jeremy HarrisFix OCSP proof verification for direct-signed proofs...
2016-11-02 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: replicate testcases for LE OCSP
2016-11-02 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: regen certs, now with additional LetsEncrypt...
2016-11-02 Jeremy HarrisReverse the scan direction for option-table builtin...
2016-11-02 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: find a group name if 'mail' is not available.
2016-11-01 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: do not attempt to open /dev/tty if in -CONTI...
2016-10-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2016-10-29 Jeremy HarrisTidying: coverity issues
2016-10-29 Jeremy HarrisFix dns authority-name lookup
2016-10-29 Jeremy Harrisconstification
2016-10-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2016-10-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2016-10-29 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-10-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: for $parm_hostname use method more similar...
2016-10-25 Jeremy HarrisTFO: use IPPROTO_TCP not SOL_TCL for setsockopt, being...
2016-10-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: make common-code config usable in non-TLS...
2016-10-24 Phil PennockUpdate README.UPDATING; fix typos in ChangeLog/NewStuff
2016-10-23 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: account for platforms not supporting TFO...
2016-10-23 Jeremy HarrisTFO: feature advertisement exim-4_88_RC3
2016-10-23 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: account for platforms not supporting TFO
2016-10-23 Jeremy HarrisFix bug with aborted server TLS connection, under GnuTLS
2016-10-22 Jeremy HarrisTFO: Support compilation on systems which define TCP_FA...
2016-10-22 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: Add testcase for GnuTLS disconnect after...
2016-10-22 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: More help with getting testsuite running
2016-10-22 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-10-22 Jeremy HarrisTCP Fast Open
2016-10-21 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: errorcheck use of crypt() in the open-coded...
2016-10-20 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-10-20 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: munge for platform errno variance
2016-10-20 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: use /usr/bin/env perl to get Perl from ...
2016-10-20 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Add doc for PORT_DYNAMIC
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: cosmetical change
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Use .editorconfig for test/runtest
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Add PORT_DYNAMIC (Bug 1775)
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Fix IPv4 address detection.
2016-10-19 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Test for existence if 'ip'
2016-10-19 Phil PennockUnbreak build: crypto hdrs not in system includes
2016-10-18 Jeremy HarrisAvoid pure-ACK TCP segments during command phase
2016-10-16 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Check version of binary against current...
2016-10-16 Jeremy HarrisTidying: coverity issues
2016-10-16 Jeremy HarrisFix sender-verify callout to not use trigger-message...
2016-10-16 Jeremy HarrisTidying: coverity issues
2016-10-16 Jeremy HarrisQueuefile: avoid using buffered I/O - no point for...
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: revert some of the modernish Perl constructs
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: re-insert munge expression about size/inode
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: detect "hidden" IPs
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: stabilize disk space/inode munging
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: add tests/munges for configure owner
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlittermann... Include 'Configure owner' in -bV output
2016-10-15 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: add clarification about the permissions...
2016-10-15 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-10-15 Jeremy HarrisQueuefile: refactor
2016-10-15 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: for queuefile transport, avoid using named...
2016-10-15 Andrew Colin... New: queuefile transport, under EXPERIMENTAL_QUEUEFILE
2016-10-14 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: (named queues) add testcase for 3rd-party...
2016-10-12 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add warning on SNI-dependent certfile expansion...
2016-10-10 Jeremy HarrisLazy-create builtin macros
2016-10-10 Jeremy HarrisFix check for commandline macro definition
2016-10-09 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add section on builtin macros
2016-10-08 Phil PennockDH parameters update, new values & default exim-4_88_RC2
2016-10-08 Jeremy HarrisFix callouts connection fallback from TLS to cleartext...
2016-10-05 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add another index entry for delay_warning
2016-10-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: for CHUNKING set sender name explicitly
2016-10-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: for CHUNKING rewrite sender name in headers...
2016-10-02 Jeremy HarrisClose logfile after a while waiting for non-smtp input...
2016-10-02 Jeremy HarrisAvoid parsing cost for auto-macro creates
2016-10-02 Jeremy HarrisLogging: connection_reject log selector should apply...
2016-09-30 Jeremy HarrisFix mime ACL filename decode
2016-09-29 Jeremy HarrisFix checking for -D option use
2016-09-29 Jeremy HarrisFeature macros should be uppercase
2016-09-29 Jeremy HarrisDebug: fix openssl tls_close() debug output
2016-09-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2016-09-28 Jeremy HarrisRefactor driver feature-macro generation to be driven...
2016-09-28 Jeremy HarrisDefault to filesystem space/inode checking enabled
2016-09-27 Jeremy HarrisDrain socket to get clean TCP FINs
2016-09-25 Jeremy HarrisAdd automatic macros for config-file options. Bug...
2016-09-25 Jeremy HarrisDocs: fix quotes
2016-09-24 Jeremy HarrisDelivery: fix memory leak
2016-09-23 Jeremy HarrisDoc: add clarification for DKIM example exim-4_88_RC1
2016-09-22 Jeremy HarrisDefend against symlink attack by another process runnin...
2016-09-22 Jeremy HarrisRouting: avoid doing the one_time replacement operation...
2016-09-22 Jeremy HarrisRouting: for efficiency, avoid complexifying the "condi...
2016-09-18 Jeremy HarrisACL: merge the tables used for codition/modifier decode
2016-09-18 Jeremy Harris ACL: bsearch for controls
2016-09-17 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-09-15 Jeremy HarrisDocs: mention Perl manpages for PCRE. Bug 1881
2016-09-13 Jeremy HarrisLogging: fix errno decodes
2016-09-13 Jeremy HarrisAuth: fix error check in CRAM-MD5
2016-09-13 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-09-11 Jeremy HarrisLog EHLO response on getting conn-close response for...
2016-09-11 Jeremy HarrisReduce space used by flags in smtp transport
2016-09-11 Jeremy HarrisMake BOOL unsigned; fix resulting latent bugs
2016-09-05 Jeremy HarrisCutthrough: option to reflect 4xx errors from target...
2016-09-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: missing output file
2016-09-03 Jeremy HarrisDocs: prettify code examples. Bug 1284
2016-09-03 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on strict DKIM verification
2016-09-01 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix GnuTLS OCSP testing