2016-12-19 Heiko Schlittermann... Doc: Minor fixes
2016-12-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Release process: make mk_exim_release more self descriptive
2016-12-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Release process: rename the scripts to be more generic
2016-12-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Release process: sign all *.tar.* under a given dir
2016-12-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Release process: fix the --no-web option
2016-12-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Constify config_filename
2016-12-17 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: More validation of DNS key record. Bug 1926
2016-12-17 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output changes for ca7cca63f762
2016-12-11 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: add detail to certname verify fail log line
2016-12-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: more pipe transport / perl cases
2016-12-04 Jeremy HarrisPipe transport: expand the path option
2016-11-26 Jeremy HarrisI18N: support IDNA2008. Bug 1911
2016-11-25 Heiko Schlittermann... Merge from master into 4.next
2016-03-24 Heiko Schlittermann... Init the resolver even in -be mode.
2016-03-12 Heiko Schlittermann... Doc: Mark perl_taintmode as .new….wen
2016-03-09 Jeremy Harrisnicer retry message
2016-03-07 Renaud AllardTLS: Fix ECDH use under LibreSSL. Bug 1806
2016-02-15 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: add operators base32, base32d
2016-02-15 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: shortcut hmac expansion during syntax-check...
2016-02-08 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: support oversigning. Bugs 1309, 1310
2016-02-07 Jeremy HarrisAvoid RE compile unneeded unless LOOKUP_MODULE_DIR...
2016-02-02 Jeremy HarrisPass on SIZE to cutthrough connection
2016-02-02 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: test perl_taintmode main option
2016-02-02 Heiko Schlittermann... Add perl_taintmode option
2016-02-02 Jeremy HarrisDocs: note DKIM signing options in smtp transport chapter
2016-02-02 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into 4.next
2016-02-02 Jeremy Harrislose extraneous file
2016-02-02 Jeremy HarrisMerge commit 'f4d091fbe1f4' into 4.next
2016-02-01 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: replace SHA and RSA routines from gnutls, under...
2016-01-31 Heiko Schlittermann... Keep options ordered alphabetical
2016-01-30 Graeme FowlerGEF 20160130 Tiny corrections to Readme.pod
2016-01-30 Graeme FowlerGEF 20160130 Changed date in header in test/README
2016-01-28 Heiko Schlittermann... Fix typo
2016-01-28 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify command string content in ${readsocket }
2016-01-25 Heiko Schlittermann... Fix typo on ChangeLog
2016-01-22 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify use of $dkim_selector variable
2016-01-22 Jeremy HarrisPDKIM: Fix use of private-keys having trailing '='...
2016-01-22 Jeremy HarrisCutthrough: Fix bug with dot-only line
2016-01-18 Jeremy HarrisTestuite: tidying exim-4_87_RC3
2016-01-18 Jeremy HarrisCopyright dates 2014, 2015
2016-01-18 Jeremy HarrisChange notes
2016-01-17 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: bounce_return_linesize_limit. Bug 1760
2016-01-17 Jeremy HarrisTidying
2016-01-17 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: changes for VFRY update, 4f6ae5c314e5
2016-01-17 Jeremy HarrisRestrict line lengths in bounces. Bug 1760
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisVRFY: Permit an ACL to override the default 252 respons...
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisTidying
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisTidying
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: avoid releasing memory used for $value...
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore optional OCSP output from -bP testcase
2016-01-14 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: more detail in error messages
2016-01-14 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: Default the SINGLE_DH_USE option flag set
2016-01-12 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on HELO rejections, and add requirment...
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: Fix crash in crypteq: On OpenBSD a bad...
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: split out conf for -bP test and lose depende...
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisDNS: fix crash in megahomed test case, on OpenBSD....
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisSOCKS: fix build on OpenBSD
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisDANE: fix build with LibreSSL
2016-01-07 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: reinstate embedded Polarssl SHA routines under...
2016-01-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: allow time for retry-time expiry
2016-01-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore dane for -bP output
2016-01-06 Jeremy Harristypo
2016-01-06 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: Remove embedded copy of PolarSSL and use OpenSSL...
2016-01-06 Jeremy Harrisfix no-ssl build
2016-01-05 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: fix base64 decode to ignore whitespace; needed...
2015-12-30 Jeremy HarrisSupport certificates in base64 expansion operator....
2015-12-30 Jeremy HarrisNew expansion operator base64d, and base64 as synonym...
2015-12-30 Jeremy HarrisConsolidate base64 encode/decode routines.
2015-12-29 Jeremy Harrisupdate to pre-4.87 master
2015-12-28 Jeremy Harristidying
2015-12-28 Jeremy HarrisDocs: more certs info
2015-12-27 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: testcase for -bP
2015-12-27 Jeremy HarrisProvide setenv/unsetenv for environments lacking them...
2015-12-26 Heiko Schlittermann... Pretty print for -bP config
2015-12-23 Jeremy Harristidying
2015-12-21 Jeremy HarrisFix build on OpenBSD. Bug 1761
2015-12-21 Jeremy Harrisdnslists: testsuite output
2015-12-20 Jeremy Harrisdnslists: permit use with explicit key(s) in nonsmtp...
2015-12-20 Richard ClaytonMalware: Fix potential spin-on-read-error with kavdaemon
2015-12-20 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: OpenSSL version variances
2015-12-20 Richard ClaytonCompiler quietening
2015-12-20 Richard ClaytonDKIM: fix quoted-printable decode
2015-12-20 Jeremy Harrisbuild dependencies
2015-12-20 Jeremy Harristidying
2015-12-20 Michael HaardtDNSSEC: un-ifdef code uncompilable under DISABLE_DNSSSEC
2015-12-20 Michael HaardtOS: define sockaddr_storage for HP-UX
2015-12-18 Jeremy HarrisRedis: move from Experimental to mainline exim-4_87_RC2
2015-12-18 Jasen BettsRedis: fix server-specified-in-lookup
2015-12-17 Jeremy HarrisFix hosts_connection_nolog ensuring that sender_host_ca...
2015-12-17 Jeremy HarrisDANE: do not override a cert verify failure, in callbac...
2015-12-16 Viktor DukhovniDANE: When PKIX-EE matches don't clobber depth by tryin...
2015-12-16 Viktor DukhovniDANE: current src version
2015-12-16 Jeremy HarrisDANE: fix testcase 2/0/1 TLSA record
2015-12-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: GnuTLS version changes
2015-12-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: OpenSSL version changes
2015-12-14 Jeremy HarrisEvents: testsuite updates
2015-12-14 Jeremy HarrisEvents: move from Experimental to mainline
2015-12-13 Jeremy Harristidying
2015-12-12 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add testcase for Redis. Bug 1755
2015-12-11 Jeremy HarrisRedis: fix lookups to handle (quoted) spaces embedded...