2016-03-11 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: fix output for 615, missing spool dir
2016-03-11 Heiko Schlittermann... Don't issue env warning if env is empty
2016-03-10 Heiko Schlittermann... Honour the -n for -bP config
2016-03-10 Heiko Schlittermann... Fix typos.
2016-03-10 Heiko Schlittermann... Doc: clarify -n
2016-03-10 Heiko Schlittermann... Extend configure.sample and the relevant spec part
2016-03-09 Jeremy HarrisString expansions: fix ${extract }, for the numeric...
2016-03-09 Heiko Schlittermann... Test the return of getcwd()
2016-03-09 Heiko Schlittermann... Store the initial working directory, expand $initial_cw...
2016-03-09 Heiko Schlittermann... Remove trailing \n from {keep,add}_environment config...
2016-03-09 Jeremy HarrisFix build for HP-UX and older Solaris: (un)setenv....
2016-03-07 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity issues exim-4_87_RC6
2016-03-07 Jeremy HarrisDocs: typo
2016-03-06 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity issues
2016-03-06 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity issues
2016-03-05 Jeremy HarrisCoverity: attempt to quieten null-deref whines about...
2016-03-05 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity issues
2016-03-05 Andreas Metzlertypoes
2016-03-04 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity issues
2016-03-03 Jeremy Harristidying: coverity issues
2016-03-03 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-03-03 Jeremy HarrisCutthrough: Reflect 5xx recipient reject from target...
2016-03-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: testcases for rejected rcpt-callout-triggere...
2016-03-03 Jeremy HarrisCutthrough: fix operation under -bhc to not actually...
2016-03-03 Heiko Schlittermann... Solaris /bin/sh does not understand 'export LC_ALL=C'
2016-03-03 Heiko Schlittermann... Delay chdir(/) until we opened the main config
2016-03-02 Jeremy HarrisTidying: Issues detected by gcc --fsanitize=undefined
2016-03-02 Heiko Schlittermann... Merge branch 'master'
2016-03-02 Heiko Schlittermann... Use right type casts in string_compare_by_pointer exim-4_87_RC5
2016-03-02 Heiko Schlittermann... Remove confusing #ifndef environ
2016-03-02 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Adapt to portability fix in environment.c
2016-03-01 Heiko Schlittermann... Make qsort() in readconf.c more portable
2016-03-01 Heiko Schlittermann... Make environment.c more portable
2016-02-25 Heiko Schlittermann... Release: fix release script
2016-02-24 Nigel MetheringhamRemoved doc references to relay-test.mail-abuse.org
2016-02-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Fix CVE-2016-1531 exim-4_87_RC4
2016-02-18 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify unit of S= log line element
2016-02-15 Jeremy HarrisCompiler quietening
2016-02-14 Jeremy HarrisMalware: fix error logged on a scanner connect fail...
2016-02-10 Jeremy HarrisTLS: support build with OpenSSL 1.1.0 Bug 1771
2016-02-10 Heiko Schlittermann... Doc: correct minor typo
2016-02-10 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: fix selection of header for signing/verification...
2016-02-10 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: support oversigning. Bugs 1309, 1310
2016-02-10 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: Support running exim under valgrind
2016-02-08 Heiko Schlittermann... Remove empty lines from .mailmap, fix root
2016-02-08 Heiko Schlittermann... Add .mailmap for git
2016-02-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: avoid retry db issue after deliberate fail...
2016-02-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: avoid assuming is a viable sending...
2016-02-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: allow for different data arrival in SMTP...
2016-02-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: log some stderr output on bad exit-code...
2016-02-06 Jeremy HarrisSRS: fix crash in queryprogram router when compiled...
2016-02-05 Jeremy HarrisTLS: Whine to log on client config of SNI under too...
2016-02-05 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: enforce different exim/testuser group numbers
2016-02-05 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: sort logs in cases where we do parallel...
2016-02-05 Jeremy HarrisFix EXPERIMENTAL_DMARC build
2016-02-05 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: nuke retry db after deliberate-fail subtests...
2016-02-05 Heiko Schlittermann... Add backward compatibility for EXIM_TMPDIR
2016-02-05 Alexander TsoyRename build-time option TMPDIR to EXIM_TMPDIR
2016-02-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: case should not depend on build-option
2016-02-04 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: (more) complete usage message for server
2016-02-04 Jeremy HarrisUse GCRYPT if GNUTLS isn't good enough
2016-02-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output library versions during startup
2016-02-04 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on costs of cutthrough delivery in local...
2016-02-03 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: 3454: debian8 flavour
2016-02-03 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: 3450: debian8 flavour
2016-02-02 Jeremy HarrisDocs: note DKIM signing options in smtp transport chapter
2016-02-01 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: replace SHA and RSA routines from gnutls, under...
2016-01-31 Heiko Schlittermann... Keep options ordered alphabetical
2016-01-30 Graeme FowlerGEF 20160130 Tiny corrections to Readme.pod
2016-01-30 Graeme FowlerGEF 20160130 Changed date in header in test/README
2016-01-28 Heiko Schlittermann... Fix typo
2016-01-28 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify command string content in ${readsocket }
2016-01-25 Heiko Schlittermann... Fix typo on ChangeLog
2016-01-22 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify use of $dkim_selector variable
2016-01-22 Jeremy HarrisPDKIM: Fix use of private-keys having trailing '='...
2016-01-22 Jeremy HarrisCutthrough: Fix bug with dot-only line
2016-01-18 Jeremy HarrisTestuite: tidying exim-4_87_RC3
2016-01-18 Jeremy HarrisCopyright dates 2014, 2015
2016-01-18 Jeremy HarrisChange notes
2016-01-17 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: bounce_return_linesize_limit. Bug 1760
2016-01-17 Jeremy HarrisTidying
2016-01-17 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: changes for VFRY update, 4f6ae5c314e5
2016-01-17 Jeremy HarrisRestrict line lengths in bounces. Bug 1760
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisVRFY: Permit an ACL to override the default 252 respons...
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisTidying
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisTidying
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: avoid releasing memory used for $value...
2016-01-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore optional OCSP output from -bP testcase
2016-01-14 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: more detail in error messages
2016-01-14 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: Default the SINGLE_DH_USE option flag set
2016-01-12 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on HELO rejections, and add requirment...
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: Fix crash in crypteq: On OpenBSD a bad...
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: split out conf for -bP test and lose depende...
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisDNS: fix crash in megahomed test case, on OpenBSD....
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisSOCKS: fix build on OpenBSD
2016-01-11 Jeremy HarrisDANE: fix build with LibreSSL
2016-01-07 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: reinstate embedded Polarssl SHA routines under...
2016-01-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: allow time for retry-time expiry
2016-01-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore dane for -bP output
2016-01-06 Jeremy Harristypo