2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisDocs: extra detail on proxy-protocol
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisTLS: add variables for the IETF standard name for the...
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: munge GnuTLS and OpenSSL ciphersuite strings...
2019-02-11 Jeremy Harristidying
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisUse separate routine for translating return-codes to...
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisDebug: config file name & line number for each ACL...
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisJSON: add iterative conditions for arrays
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisJSON: add jsons extract variant, to strip quotes from...
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisEvents: log a non-success when a client connect is...
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisGnuTLS: Debug output keying info. OpenSSL: TLS1.2...
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisFix json extract operator for unfound case
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisJSON lookup
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisEXTERNAL authenticator
2019-02-10 Jeremy HarrisAuthenticators: refactor SASL support code
2019-02-10 Jeremy Harrisconstification
2019-02-10 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: send no TLS1.3 session tickets
2019-02-10 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: Debug output TLS 1.3 keying
2019-02-10 Jeremy Harristidying
2019-02-10 Jeremy HarrisUse single TCP segment for SMTP, TLS and TCP closes.
2019-02-10 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSSL: support write-with-more-intent in client
2019-02-10 Jeremy HarrisUse C99 initialisations for iterators
2019-02-10 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clean for next release
2019-01-30 Mad AlexFix dkim_verify_signers option. Bug 2366 exim-4.92 exim-4.92-RC6 exim-4.92-jgh
2019-01-29 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify quoting for $pipe_addresses
2019-01-29 Odihambo WashingtonDocs: correct spamd port
2019-01-27 Heiko Schlittermann... configure.default: spacing, de-tabbing exim-4.92-RC5
2019-01-27 Jeremy HarrisAdd basic framework for PRDR use with per-user content...
2019-01-27 Heiko Schlittermann... mk_exim_release: tidy
2019-01-24 Jeremy HarrisDocs: crossref list-separator changing
2019-01-24 Jeremy HarrisDocs: crossref dlfunc API
2019-01-10 Jeremy HarrisMore checks on header line length during reception
2019-01-05 Jeremy HarrisDocs: tweak TLS authenticator chapter
2019-01-04 Jeremy HarrisDocs: missing options
2019-01-03 Jeremy HarrisDocs: tweak new-drivers chapter
2018-12-31 Jeremy HarrisPIPE_CONNECT: fix feature-cache refresh
2018-12-28 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify logging from filter
2018-12-27 Heiko Schlittermann... Update Changelog for GnuTLS and TLS 1.3 Bug 2359 exim-4.92-RC4
2018-12-25 Andreas MetzlerGnuTLS: repeat lowlevel read and write operations while...
2018-12-25 Heiko Schlittermann... mk_exim_release: more perlish
2018-12-25 Heiko Schlittermann... mk_exim_release: integrate signing and checksumming
2018-12-22 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: better debug for key/signature size mismatch
2018-12-21 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: clear any leftover errors from the stack after...
2018-12-20 Heiko Schlittermann... mk_exim_release: output an useful error message when...
2018-12-20 Heiko Schlittermann... Recent commit is thanks to Josh Soref
2018-12-20 Heiko Schlittermann... Grammar changes in docs
2018-12-20 Heiko Schlittermann... Fix copyright year and exim website URL schema
2018-12-20 klemensspelling fixes
2018-12-20 Jeremy HarrisDocs: tweaks
2018-12-19 Phil PennockDefault config: use ROUTER_SMARTHOST macro; document exim-4.92-RC3
2018-12-18 Heiko Schlittermann... stats_for_email: Do not auto-select the release directory
2018-12-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Re-create test/configure script exim-4.92-RC2
2018-12-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Update Changelog for Bug 2351
2018-12-18 Jeremy HarrisLog failures to extract envelope addresses from message...
2018-12-16 Phil Pennockdoc: gsasl: be clearer that server-side only
2018-12-15 Jeremy HarrisFix build with content-scan enabled but all malware...
2018-12-14 Jeremy HarrisFix parsing of option type Kint (integer, stored in...
2018-12-13 Heiko Schlittermann... sign_exim_package: do not auto-select the packages... exim-4.92-RC1
2018-12-13 Heiko Schlittermann... mk_exim_release: rework for dotted release scheme
2018-12-13 Heiko Schlittermann... reversion: Adapt to dotted release scheme
2018-12-13 Heiko Schlittermann... reversion: tidy
2018-12-06 Jeremy HarrisDocs: SPF lookup type
2018-12-05 Jeremy HarrisSend delay-MDN for any queurun past delay_warning,...
2018-12-02 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-12-02 Jeremy HarrisMore debug in smtp transport
2018-12-02 Jeremy HarrisLogging: outgoing_port on temporary errors for non...
2018-12-01 Jeremy HarrisHarden string-list handling
2018-11-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: handle change in GnuTLS cert preference
2018-11-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output changes resulting
2018-11-29 Jeremy HarrisGnuTLS: fix build with older libraries
2018-11-27 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: regenerate CA trees with 2048-bit keys
2018-11-28 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: fail the handshake when SNI processing hits...
2018-11-28 Jeremy HarrisTLS: Increase RSA keysize of autogen selfsign cert
2018-11-27 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: switch ciphersuite use
2018-11-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore OCSP option output; fixes runs on...
2018-11-24 Jeremy HarrisFix AUTH_GSASL build
2018-11-24 Jeremy HarrisAvoid leaving $domain live with bogus info, during...
2018-11-22 Phil Pennocknit (typo fix; docs)
2018-11-21 Jeremy HarrisFix cyrus-sasl authenticator for $authenticated_fail_id...
2018-11-21 Jeremy HarrisFix cyrus-sasl authenticator for $authenticated_fail_id...
2018-11-20 Jeremy HarrisDocs: more on $authenticated_fail_id
2018-11-20 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: document noisy-comment script commands
2018-11-20 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on manualroute route-lists
2018-11-20 Jeremy HarrisDocs: indexing of retry final-cutoff
2018-11-20 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-11-17 Jeremy HarrisLose more string-copy operations
2018-11-15 Jeremy HarrisFix growable-string sprintf
2018-11-15 Jeremy HarrisOpenBSD: bump dns-result buffer to 64kB
2018-11-15 Jeremy HarrisRecast more internal string routines to use growable...
2018-11-14 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-11-13 Jeremy HarrisDocs: Add cross-refs for $h_<name>
2018-11-11 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: account for hostname-dependent output in...
2018-11-11 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix testcases for /etc/services not having...
2018-11-11 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add notes on smtps
2018-11-10 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: increase retry time (for really slow test...
2018-11-09 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: avoid time-quantization issue
2018-11-09 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: avoid time-quantization issue
2018-11-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: check for conflicting host name
2018-11-06 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-11-06 Jeremy HarrisFix build on FreeBSD 11
2018-11-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: rework testcases for DSN RCPT options