2014-08-14 Jeremy HarrisShuffle test order
2014-08-14 Jeremy HarrisAdd testcase for TLSA record access
2014-08-14 Jeremy HarrisFix non-dane build
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisEnable OCSP
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisAdd (2 0 1) test
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisChange CV= log line element for dane-verified cert
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisCapture the knowlege that verification succeeded
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisAdd direct-A test
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisVerifiable conn with DANE-EE(3) / SPKI(1) / SHA2-512(2)
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisDiffs for draft 11
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisCopy latest SMTP-with-DANE - draft 11
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisAdd support in the fakens utility for TLSA records
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisAdd support in the fakens utility for marking records...
2014-08-10 Jeremy HarrisOn a host lookup name->MX->A->ip sequence, require...
2014-08-09 Jeremy HarrisIgnore dane-related debug out in non-dane testcases
2014-08-08 Jeremy HarrisTest development
2014-08-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite basics.
2014-08-07 Jeremy HarrisSketch in library interface
2014-08-07 Jeremy HarrisGeneral discussion of DANE usage
2014-08-01 Jeremy HarrisFix development-testing induced crash on second use
2014-08-01 Jeremy HarrisBasic DANE entry points
2014-07-31 Jeremy HarrisAdd interface documentation for the DANE library
2014-07-29 Jeremy HarrisCoding style closer to project norms
2014-07-29 Todd LyonsAdd DANE RFC (6698) for reference
2014-07-29 Todd LyonsAdd current draft of SMTP with DANE
2014-07-29 Todd LyonsCreate a hosts_try_dane transport option, does nothing yet
2014-07-29 Todd LyonsFramework to build dane support
2014-07-29 Todd LyonsFix doc parse error
2014-07-26 Jeremy HarrisDocument acl args variables in main variables section
2014-07-24 Jeremy HarrisFix "default config" section wrt. rfc1413_hosts
2014-07-23 Todd LyonsBug 1506: document change made
2014-07-23 Lars MuellerBug 1506: Silence static checkers.
2014-07-23 Todd LyonsBug 1506: Fix static typechecker output
2014-07-23 Todd LyonsUpdate version numbers, clean docs for next release
2014-07-22 Jeremy HarrisMassage coding style to project norm
2014-07-21 Todd LyonsDocumentation/Tests for CVE-2014-2972 fix exim-4_83
2014-07-16 Tony FinchOnly expand integers for integer math once
2014-07-15 Todd LyonsFix regex for Suse when converting spec to ASCII
2014-07-14 Jeremy HarrisFix parsing of mime headers
2014-07-14 Phil PennockDNSSEC: fix clang warning re && in || precedence
2014-07-14 Phil PennockMacOS: fix clang redef warning
2014-07-14 Phil PennockUse Ustrlen() on a uschar
2014-07-14 Phil PennockFix unsigned < 0 check
2014-07-14 Phil PennockRename T_APL to T_ADDRESSES
2014-07-13 Jeremy HarrisFix TLS SNI, and add regression test cases
2014-07-08 Jeremy HarrisReinstate SNI variables under GnuTLS. Bug 1499 exim-4_83_RC3
2014-07-03 Todd LyonsTypo in docs, add missing word
2014-07-03 Todd LyonsAdd cscope files to git ignore list
2014-07-03 Todd LyonsEnhance documentation of ${run command parsing.
2014-07-02 Todd LyonsBug 1496: Fix typo in ChangeLog
2014-07-02 Andrew Colin... Bug 1495: Exiqgrep -C check configfile readability
2014-06-20 Jeremy HarrisUse enum for var_entry type
2014-06-17 Heiko SchlittermannFix build dependencies
2014-06-15 Jeremy HarrisCorrect testuite doc
2014-06-15 Jeremy HarrisFix testcase 0390 when testing an EXPERIMENTAL_TPDA...
2014-06-15 Jeremy HarrisFix testcase 0373
2014-06-11 Wolfgang BreyhaFix dkim for no-key case under SENDFILE compile. Bug 934
2014-06-11 Jeremy HarrisTidy coding style. Bug 934
2014-06-08 Jeremy HarrisUse strict C89 variable declaration positioning
2014-06-08 Jeremy HarrisPreempt future testsuite integration of EXPERIMENTAL_DSN
2014-06-08 Jeremy HarrisFix testcase for today's faster cpus
2014-06-08 Jeremy HarrisTestcase for udpsend
2014-06-06 Jeremy HarrisInitial set of warnings for the upcoming release
2014-06-06 Jeremy HarrisFix testcase for 984702 - the buffer boundary was delib...
2014-06-06 Jeremy HarrisMore care with time types
2014-06-05 Tony FinchFix udpsend and ip_connectedsocket(). exim-4_83_RC2
2014-06-05 Jeremy HarrisTidy up OpenSSL certificate signature & sig_algorithm...
2014-06-04 Jeremy HarrisCompiler quietening
2014-06-04 Jeremy HarrisEnsure output buffer big enough for DSN additions to...
2014-06-02 Todd LyonsFix tiny ChangeLog typo
2014-05-31 Jeremy HarrisSupport service names for tls_on_connect_ports. Bug 72
2014-05-30 Jeremy HarrisFix doc for $sender_host_dnssec. Bug 1485
2014-05-30 Jeremy HarrisFix no-ssl build
2014-05-29 Jeremy HarrisFix delivery $host in client authenticator in verify...
2014-05-29 Jeremy HarrisLog warnings on presence of deperecated options
2014-05-29 Jeremy HarrisFix dnssec dnsdb lookup in defer_never mode
2014-05-28 Todd LyonsBug 1444: Fix \r\n handling writing spool file
2014-05-28 Todd LyonsMerge tag 'exim-4_82_1' exim-4_83_RC1
2014-05-26 Todd LyonsSECURITY: DMARC uses From header untrusted data exim-4_82_1
2014-05-26 Jeremy HarrisIncrease limit of smtp_confirmation logging from 100...
2014-05-26 Jeremy HarrisErrorcheck TLS library calls
2014-05-26 Jeremy HarrisRestrict certificate name checkin for wildcards.
2014-05-25 Jeremy HarrisMissing initialiser
2014-05-23 Jeremy HarrisAdd OpenSSL version check
2014-05-23 Jeremy HarrisAdd GnuTLS version check
2014-05-23 Jeremy HarrisMove OCSP out of EXPERIMENTAL
2014-05-22 Jeremy HarrisCompiler quietening. Bug 907
2014-05-22 Todd LyonsBug 1394: Document how to do per host conn limits
2014-05-22 Jeremy HarrisFix doc for dovecot authenticator. Bugs 1448, 1483
2014-05-21 Wolfgang BreyhaRFC3461 support - MIME DSN messages. Bug 118
2014-05-21 Jeremy HarrisEliminate one foolish way to break the build
2014-05-21 Todd LyonsAdd PRDR feature output in -bV
2014-05-20 Jeremy HarrisSupport optional server certificate name checking....
2014-05-20 Jeremy HarrisFinal tidyout of EXPERIMENTAL_PRDR
2014-05-17 Jeremy HarrisUse accessor functions for OpenSSL internal data
2014-05-16 Jeremy HarrisGeneral tidying
2014-05-16 Jeremy HarrisTidy certificate verification logic under OpenSSL
2014-05-13 Jeremy HarrisExtractors for certificate time fields support integer...
2014-05-13 Jeremy HarrisExtractor for named RDN element types from a certificat...
2014-05-13 Todd LyonsUpdated changelog.