2020-05-07 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: unbreak testcase
2020-05-07 Jeremy HarrisLookups: ret=key option
2020-05-07 Jeremy HarrisI18N: change default on smtp transport, to downconvert...
2020-05-07 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify downconversion of internationalized addresses
2020-05-07 Jeremy HarrisDocs: ESMTP extensions indexing
2020-05-06 Jeremy HarrisRework SPA fix to avoid overflows. Bug 2571
2020-05-06 Jeremy HarrisNumeric variable returns
2020-05-06 Jeremy Harristestcases for value return
2020-05-06 Jeremy Harrisdocs & more debug
2020-05-06 Jeremy Harrisvalue return
2020-05-05 Jeremy Harriswip - see failed-summary.log.list_match_value. Pretty...
2020-05-05 Jeremy HarrisFix SPA authenticator, checking client-supplied data...
2020-05-05 Jeremy Harristidying
2020-05-05 Jeremy Harris Ensure lookup-result variables are dropped between...
2020-05-05 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output changes resulting
2020-05-05 Jeremy HarrisDocs: tweaks
2020-05-04 Jeremy HarrisConsolidate $local_part_verified into $local_part_data
2020-05-04 Jeremy HarrisDocs: local-part affix variables
2020-05-04 Jeremy HarrisTaint: When a non-wildcarded localpart affix is matched...
2020-05-04 Jeremy HarrisMake {bounce,warn}_message_file expanded. Bug 2522
2020-05-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: bounce_message_file and warn_message_file
2020-05-03 Luca CeresoliBuild: fix parallelism problem. Bug 2566
2020-05-02 Jeremy HarrisFix build on platforms not supporting sockopt SO_PROTOCOL
2020-05-02 Andreas MetzlerDocs: fix mention of (the nonexistent) $domain_verified...
2020-05-02 Jeremy HarrisDebug: socket details
2020-05-01 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2020-05-01 Jeremy HarrisDocs: fix more uses of $local_part in examples
2020-05-01 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: handle RC tagging convention
2020-05-01 Jeremy HarrisFix $local_part_verified for remote-delivery routing...
2020-05-01 Andreas MetzlerDocs: use verified version of local_part variable in...
2020-04-30 Jeremy HarrisCopyright updates: exim-4_94_RC0
2020-04-27 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output changes resulting
2020-04-26 Jeremy Harristidying
2020-04-26 Jeremy HarrisBump buffer size for exiwhat info lines
2020-04-26 Jeremy HarrisFix reporting of 2-phase queue-runner daemon, in daemon...
2020-04-26 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: dkim_verify_min_keysizes option
2020-04-25 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: fix $dkim_key_length in verify
2020-04-23 Jeremy HarrisLogging: bump limit on initial-connect synch-error...
2020-04-22 Jeremy HarrisDebug: internal consistency under testsuite
2020-04-22 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: more tidying for Alpine
2020-04-22 Jeremy Harrisreadsocket expansion: response caching
2020-04-21 Jeremy Harristidying
2020-04-21 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: use name for nonexistent host that the tests...
2020-04-21 Phil Pennockstop-gap: doc glibc 2.31 RES_TRUSTAD/trust-ad
2020-04-20 Heiko SchlichtingDocs: fix mention of deprecated variables. Bug 2534
2020-04-20 Erik LaxFix spool space check to account for SIZE. Bug 2552
2020-04-20 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: fix bulid on older library versions
2020-04-19 Jeremy HarrisEvents: Fix msg:defer event for the hosts_max_try_hardl...
2020-04-19 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: More info on accept "version too low"
2020-04-14 Jeremy HarrisEarly-pipe: invalidate cache on a failure of required...
2020-04-13 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: munge for platform variances
2020-04-12 Jeremy HarrisBetter fix for crash
2020-04-12 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: More info on accept "unsupported protocol"
2020-04-12 Jeremy HarrisTaint: fix parsing of ACL ratelimit condition
2020-04-12 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: Predefined macro for standard headers, oversigned
2020-04-09 Jeremy Harristidying
2020-04-09 Jeremy HarrisC99 initialisers
2020-04-07 Jeremy Harristidying
2020-04-06 Jeremy HarrisFix crash
2020-04-06 Jeremy HarrisExpansion item ${listquote }. Bug 1066
2020-04-06 Jeremy HarrisMySQL, pgsql: per-query server options outside the...
2020-04-05 Jeremy HarrisTaint: check on supplied buffer vs. list when extractin...
2020-04-04 Jeremy HarrisAvoid the long whats_supported line being mixed with...
2020-04-04 Jeremy Harristidying: skip_whitespace
2020-04-03 Jeremy HarrisLog fast-ramp queue-run trigger
2020-04-03 Jeremy Harrisdsearch: filter-matches option
2020-04-03 Jeremy Harrisdsearch: full-path return option
2020-04-03 Jeremy HarrisLookups: per-searchtype options framework
2020-04-01 Jeremy HarrisSqlite: new main option sqlite_dbfile
2020-03-30 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore all fork-time debug
2020-03-29 Jeremy HarrisDsearch: require absolute dirname
2020-03-29 Jeremy Harrisconstify
2020-03-29 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: under resumption open ticket DB writable,...
2020-03-28 Jeremy HarrisTaint enforce: directory open backstops, single-key...
2020-03-28 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output changes resulting
2020-03-28 Jeremy HarrisBuild: fix Solaris
2020-03-28 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ignore fakens fork debug line, avoiding...
2020-03-27 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: avoid loading server's CA-list-for-client...
2020-03-26 Jeremy HarrisFix argument checking for ${readsocket }
2020-03-22 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'debug_fork'
2020-03-22 Jeremy Harrisexit-time debug
2020-03-22 Jeremy Harrisdebug tidying
2020-03-22 Jeremy Harrispass through exec
2020-03-22 Jeremy Harrischild-open debug
2020-03-22 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: move dsearch-dependent testcase
2020-03-22 Jeremy HarrisTaint: fix dsearch result to be untainted
2020-03-21 Jeremy HarrisTaint: mark more command-line arguments
2020-03-20 Jeremy Harristidying
2020-03-20 Jeremy HarrisFix segfault on bad cmdline -f (sender) argument. ...
2020-03-20 Jeremy Harrisconsistent fork-time debug
2020-03-18 Jeremy Harrisfixes
2020-03-18 Jeremy Harristidying
2020-03-17 Jeremy HarrisAvoid corrupting globals during time-pauses
2020-03-15 Jeremy HarrisFix spurious detection of timeout while writing to...
2020-03-15 Jeremy Harrislabelled-process fork function
2020-03-14 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: missing output file
2020-03-14 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: use correct client for GnuTLS platform
2020-03-14 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: make "client" util TLS variants more similar
2020-03-14 Jeremy HarrisTesttsuite: portability
2020-03-13 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix munge