2017-01-31 Phil PennockOpen umask before creating release packages
2017-01-31 Phil PennockCopyright year bumps for substantive changes 2017 exim-4_89_RC1
2017-01-31 Phil PennockDocument that fixed 2018
2017-01-31 Phil PennockAvoid reading too much data before TLS handshake
2017-01-30 Phil PennockFix size calculation, log unhandled amount.
2017-01-30 Jeremy HarrisRestrict address-parsing to a maximum of five layers...
2017-01-30 Jeremy HarrisTidying: Coverity
2017-01-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add missing output file.
2017-01-29 Jeremy HarrisUpdate change log
2017-01-29 Jeremy HarrisCHUNKING: Reject messages with malformed line ending...
2017-01-29 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on verify = senders= . Bug 2028
2017-01-29 Jeremy HarrisTFO: remember setsockopt results, to condition non...
2017-01-29 Jeremy HarrisShuffle proxy-protocol to wrap TLS-on-connect startup...
2017-01-29 Kirill MiazineDANE: fix build under LibreSSL. Bug 2020
2017-01-28 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add dnsdb testcase for defer when used in ACL
2017-01-28 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on system_filter forced expansion fail
2017-01-28 Jeremy HarrisLMDB: include filename in open-error message
2017-01-28 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: check pointer to calculated body hash before...
2017-01-28 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: testcase for DKIM bug 2029
2017-01-28 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: rename variables for clarity
2017-01-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: get same certextract samples for GnuTLS...
2017-01-24 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output file changes from d7a2c8337f7b
2017-01-24 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix delay-dependent testcase for really...
2017-01-24 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: missing output files
2017-01-24 Jeremy HarrisFix reception of (quoted) local-parts with embedded...
2017-01-24 Jeremy HarrisTFO: Support compilation on Linus platforms which defin...
2017-01-24 Jeremy HarrisDefine MIN and MAX for Solaris
2017-01-23 Jeremy HarrisFix build with OpenSSL, EXPERIMENTAL_DANE and DISABLE_EVENT
2017-01-23 Phil PennockDocument OpenBSD resolver ignoring EDNS0
2017-01-22 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: permit verify of sig blocks that sign other sig...
2017-01-22 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'fix-2016-dkim'
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisFix DKIM verify when used with CHUNKING. Bug 2016
2017-01-21 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Add DKIM Chunking test
2017-01-21 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Rename 4500-Domain-Keys-Identified-Mail...
2017-01-21 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Rename 4510-DKIM
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'callout_smtp_tpt_merge'
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisTestcases for pipelined callout
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisUse smtp_write_mail_and_rcpt_cmds() for verify callout
2017-01-21 Jeremy Harrisuse smtp_context struct for sync_responses()
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisSplit out smtp_write_mail_and_rcpt_cmds() from smtp_del...
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisSplit out cutthrough connection-cache / subsequent...
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisSplit out callout-cache handling from do_callout()
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisUse smtp_setup_conn() for verify callout
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisSplit out smtp MAIL and RCPT option string building
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisSplit out smtp_setup_conn() from smtp_deliver, in the...
2017-01-21 Jeremy HarrisFix DKIM verify operation in -bh test mode. Bug 2017
2017-01-20 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: Make patchexim work with dirty tag checkouts
2017-01-20 Phil Pennockfix example command-line
2017-01-19 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output changes from 4c04137d7
2017-01-19 Jeremy HarrisVRFY: advertise in EHLO response, if there is an ACL...
2017-01-19 Jeremy HarrisVRFY: add docs note on results, and additional test...
2017-01-19 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on round-robin DNS problems vs. authenti...
2017-01-18 Josh Sorefspelling: Mavrogiannopoulos
2017-01-18 Josh Sorefreplace keept with rotation
2017-01-18 Phil PennockRecording merge technique in git history
2017-01-18 Josh SorefBug-fix no_require_dnssec parsing & spelling fixes
2017-01-18 Josh Soref214 spelling fixes
2017-01-13 Phil PennockProvide alternative Heimdal pkg-config example
2017-01-11 Jeremy HarrisDocs: add note on DKIM ACL triggers
2017-01-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: moved output file
2017-01-03 Jeremy HarrisCHUNKING: fix non-pipelined synch checks. Bug 2004
2017-01-02 Jeremy HarrisPROXY: fix v2 protocol decode. Bugs 2003, 1747
2017-01-02 Phil Pennockwip: OpenSSL docs on custom install
2017-01-01 Jeremy HarrisDocs: fix smtp transport TFO option indexing
2017-01-01 Phil PennockMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/50'
2016-12-31 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: Under debug, when signing do an extra check on...
2016-12-31 YmrDtnJuDo not call ldap_start_tls_s on ldapi:// connections.
2016-12-30 Heiko Schlittermann... Docs: Add .new/wen marker for relative includes (Bug...
2016-12-30 Heiko Schlittermann... Tidy and add \0 after string_append() for relative...
2016-12-29 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisDocs: typoes
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisI18N: avoid trying to downconvert all-ascii domain...
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: use custom-munge for dsn-info in 4510
2016-12-29 Heiko Schlittermann... Allow relative file names in .include lines (Closes...
2016-12-29 Heiko Schlittermann... Doc: Minor fixes
2016-12-29 Heiko Schlittermann... Release process: make mk_exim_release more self descriptive
2016-12-29 Heiko Schlittermann... Release process: rename the scripts to be more generic
2016-12-29 Heiko Schlittermann... Release process: sign all *.tar.* under a given dir
2016-12-29 Heiko Schlittermann... Release process: fix the --no-web option
2016-12-29 Heiko Schlittermann... Constify config_filename
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: More validation of DNS key record. Bug 1926
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: add detail to certname verify fail log line
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisPipe transport: expand the path option
2016-12-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: enhance IDNA examples; move to IDNA-2008...
2016-12-27 Jeremy HarrisDocs: clarify headers availability in data-time ACLs
2016-12-26 Jeremy HarrisI18N: support IDNA2008. Bug 1911
2016-12-25 Jeremy HarrisDocs: Clean for next release
2016-12-22 Heiko Schlittermann... Doc: clarify CVE-2016-9963
2016-12-18 Heiko Schlittermann... Doc: short description of CVE-2016-9963 exim-4_88
2016-12-18 Jeremy HarrisFix DKIM information leakage
2016-12-16 Jeremy HarrisDocs: typo
2016-12-13 Heiko Schlittermann... Use long names for the _DRIVER_*, and _OPT_* macros
2016-12-09 Heiko Schlittermann... Doc: fix minor typos
2016-12-07 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ipv6 output changes exim-4_88_RC6
2016-12-04 Heiko Schlittermann... Testsuite: honour the "build" environment variable
2016-12-04 Heiko Schlittermann... OpenSSL: default to tls_eccurve = auto
2016-12-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: more pipe transport / perl cases
2016-12-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: set path for use of perl by pipe transport
2016-12-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: remove outdated flavour result files
2016-12-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: platform variance for perl utility location