Support expansion variable for hi-res timestamp (bug 1172).
[exim.git] / test /
2012-05-17 Phil Pennockfix tls_cipher memory lifetime.
2012-05-17 Phil PennockMore GnuTLS cleanups/fixes.
2012-05-17 Phil Pennock4.78 -> 4.80
2012-05-17 Phil PennockHandle absent tls_require_ciphers correctly.
2012-05-17 Phil PennockHandle TLSv1.2 in test suite.
2012-05-16 Phil PennockMerge branch 'experimental_ocsp'
2012-05-16 Phil PennockOverhaul of GnuTLS code.
2012-05-14 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix problem with parsing retry records spann...
2012-05-13 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch '64bitint'
2012-05-13 Phil Pennocktypo fix
2012-05-13 Jeremy HarrisMake integer values 64bit (bug 1171).
2012-05-13 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: ensure socket from wait-mode daemon test...
2012-05-13 Phil PennockFixed headers_only on smtp transports.
2012-05-11 Phil PennockTesting for -bw mode
2012-05-10 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: updates for 8bitmime-as-default (Dovecot...
2012-05-10 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: updates for 8bitmime-as-default (GnuTLS).
2012-05-07 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: updates for 8bitmime-as-default.
2012-05-07 Phil PennockDefault accept_8bitmime to true.
2012-05-06 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: teach the fakedns zonefile generator about...
2012-05-05 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-05-05 Jeremy HarrisFix bug 1225: Accept new testsuite case output.
2012-05-01 Jeremy HarrisUpdate testsuite output files for GnuTLS version update...
2012-05-01 Jeremy HarrisCode refactoring in acl.c (bug 1184)
2012-04-26 Jeremy HarrisFix testsuite case 0373.
2012-04-25 Jeremy HarrisNew testcase output from SSL library.
2012-04-24 Jeremy HarrisAdd ACL name to debug output of condition result (bug...
2012-04-23 Jeremy HarrisUpdate testsuite case enabled by fix for bug 1227,...
2012-04-23 Phil PennockBetter ls output fixing.
2012-04-22 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-04-22 Jeremy HarrisBug 1224: fixup testsuite case output from testdb.
2012-04-22 Jeremy HarrisAdd testsuite case retry (without update) option on...
2012-04-22 Jeremy HarrisAccept change in testcase munged output for -bt
2012-04-19 Jeremy HarrisBug 1224 followon - avoid breaking other testcases.
2012-04-18 Jeremy HarrisFix bug 1224.
2012-04-18 Jeremy HarrisFix bug 1229.
2012-04-17 rootTestcase changes to match changes introduced by bug...
2012-04-16 rootMerge remote branch 'origin'
2012-04-02 rootFix IPv6 RE
2012-03-30 Phil PennockHandle alternate access method flag in ls.
2012-03-30 Phil Pennockset umask
2012-03-30 Phil Pennockhandle more of the new format version numbers
2011-10-10 Phil PennockTestsuite: also handle -XX in version
2011-10-10 Phil PennockMore testsuite fixes
2011-10-10 Phil PennockMake runtest more resilient to setup problems
2011-06-29 Tony FinchRemove obsolete $Cambridge$ CVS revision strings.
2011-05-09 Phil PennockTestsuite: Compiler info skip; whitespace stupidity. exim-4_76
2011-05-08 Tom KistnerMerge branch 'tom_dev'
2011-05-07 Phil PennockTypo fixes from Andreas Metzler.
2011-04-26 Phil PennockCond !bool{}/!bool_lax{} did not negate. Fixed.
2011-03-22 Phil Pennockno_freeze_signal in output. exim-4_75
2011-03-22 Phil PennockFix RFC2047 encoding tests after robustness patch.
2011-01-30 Nigel MetheringhamMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2011-01-30 Phil PennockTesting: Exim must not use HEADERS_CHARSET UTF-8.
2011-01-30 Phil Pennocksudo !tty_tickets; correct config file list.
2011-01-30 Phil PennockTest suite mostly clean for 4.73/4.74.
2011-01-30 Phil PennockThe test suite dislikes USE_READLINE.
2011-01-21 Phil PennockTest suite: make cf 64-bit compat for -exact.
2011-01-21 Phil PennockTests compat. setgid failure / dropped_privilege
2010-07-20 John JetmoreMerge ssh://
2010-07-20 John JetmoreSomehow in learning how to use git I lost half the...
2010-07-17 John JetmoreThe test architecture can't support having the testsuit...
2010-07-16 John JetmoreChange to allow test 0383 to work on HFS+ (non-case...
2010-06-14 John Jetmoreadded expansion tests for bool{} and bool_lax{}
2010-06-14 John Jetmoreprint sizeof(off_t) in initial -bV output. Refuse...
2010-06-12 John Jetmoreaccount for new information TLS log line added in tls...
2010-06-08 John Jetmoreanother change related to Date/Message-Id order, just...
2010-06-08 John Jetmorelog/5101 - header order, plus new wording for appendfil...
2010-06-05 John Jetmoretwo more header order changes
2010-06-05 John Jetmorefix output for SSL logging format change
2010-06-05 John Jetmoremunge caller's GECOS in output to make more portable...
2010-06-05 John Jetmoreruntest - trim trailing whitespace from otherwise un...
2010-06-04 John JetmoreWith a few minor exceptions for tests that had addition...
2010-06-03 John Jetmoreupdating test suite - rolling back incomplete fix for...
2010-06-03 John Jetmoreupdates to test suite - roll back lookup changes after... exim-4_72
2009-11-23 Nigel MetheringhamEnsure version numbers all updated exim-4_71
2009-11-23 Nigel MetheringhamCorrect header sorting for testsuite. Required manual...
2009-11-23 Nigel Metheringhamfix for running testsuite with non-ancient gnutls....
2009-11-19 Nigel MetheringhamBetter filtering of debug in test suite
2009-10-14 Nigel MetheringhamBump version to 4.70 so shows as different in testing
2008-02-08 Tony FinchA test for the encoded-character extention.
2008-02-07 Tony FinchUpdate because of rev 1.30 of sieve.c
2008-02-07 Tony FinchSome test output changes caused by the addition of...
2008-02-07 Tony FinchSome test output changes caused by the addition of...
2008-02-07 Tony FinchAdd regression test for bug#615
2007-08-30 Philip HazelUpdate tests for 4.68 (after testing on tahini). exim-4_68
2007-08-29 Philip HazelTest update.
2007-08-29 Philip HazelFix quoting problem with errors_copy.
2007-08-23 Philip HazelAdd message_body_newlines.
2007-08-23 Philip HazelAdd "server=" feature to MySQL and PostgreSQL lookups.
2007-08-22 Philip HazelAdd the NOTQUIT ACL.
2007-08-22 Philip HazelTest suite data file had got accidentally deleted.
2007-07-16 Philip HazelThis test file was accidentally not committed.
2007-07-05 Philip HazelYet another (hope the last for now) minor test tweak.
2007-07-05 Philip HazelAnother small test tweak.
2007-07-05 Philip HazelMinor fix to one of the tests.
2007-07-04 Philip HazelRemove unwanted (int) case when reading SIZE. Fix runte...
2007-06-29 Philip HazelFix stupid oversight in $max_received_linelength.
2007-06-27 Philip HazelAdd queue_only_load_latch.
2007-06-26 Philip HazelFix bug introduced with +ignore_defer and +include_defer.
2007-06-26 Philip HazelAdd +ignore_defer and +include_defer to host lists.