String expansions: fix ${extract }, for the numeric/3-string case. Bug 1807
[exim.git] / test / stdout / 0002
2016-03-09 Jeremy HarrisString expansions: fix ${extract }, for the numeric...
2016-01-14 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: more detail in error messages
2015-12-30 Jeremy HarrisNew expansion operator base64d, and base64 as synonym...
2015-11-08 Jeremy HarrisExpansions: New ${ipv6denorm:<string>} and ${ipv6norm...
2015-05-23 Jeremy HarrisNew ${env {NAME}} expansion. Bug 1604
2015-05-18 Jeremy HarrisFix truncated dns-lookup return record handling
2015-01-12 Jeremy HarrisNew variable $exim_version. Bug 306
2015-01-12 Heiko SchlittermannNew variable $config_dir, $config_file. Bug 1553
2014-09-23 Todd LyonsMerge remote-tracking branch 'exim_github/pr/18'
2014-09-06 Jeremy HarrisAdd expansion item for sorting lists
2014-07-21 Todd LyonsDocumentation/Tests for CVE-2014-2972 fix exim-4_83
2014-05-28 Todd LyonsMerge tag 'exim-4_82_1' exim-4_83_RC1
2014-03-18 Jeremy HarrisFix ACL "condition =" for negative number values. ...
2013-12-22 Jeremy HarrisAdd ${listextract {n}{list}...}
2013-09-15 Jeremy HarrisFix numeric comparisons for 64b. Bug 1385
2013-07-02 Jeremy HarrisAdd test for ${hexquote:
2012-10-27 Phil PennockMerge 4.80.1 security fix in.
2012-07-08 Todd LyonsAdd check for inlist and !inlist in test 0002.
2012-07-01 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'acl'
2012-06-27 Jeremy HarrisAcl expansions: tests and documentation
2012-06-12 Jeremy HarrisUse custom variables for ACL args, up to nine. Add...
2012-06-12 Jeremy HarrisAdd ${acl {name}{arg}} expansion item.
2012-06-12 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'lists'
2012-06-12 Jeremy HarrisChange names to "listnamed" and "listcount".
2012-06-10 Jeremy HarrisAdd ${list:name} and ${nlist:string} expansion operators.
2012-06-06 Phil PennockBUGFIX: forced-fail smtp option tls_sni would dereferen...
2012-06-05 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add per-testcase munge facility; use for...
2012-05-28 Phil PennockMerge openssl_disable_ssl2 branch exim-4_80_RC7
2012-05-16 Phil PennockMerge branch 'experimental_ocsp'
2012-05-13 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch '64bitint'
2012-05-13 Jeremy HarrisMake integer values 64bit (bug 1171).
2011-10-10 Phil PennockMore testsuite fixes
2011-03-22 Phil PennockFix RFC2047 encoding tests after robustness patch.
2010-06-14 John Jetmoreadded expansion tests for bool{} and bool_lax{}
2007-06-14 Philip HazelUpdate tests for new prvs format; update version number.
2007-05-08 Philip HazelUse colon, not dot, as IPv6 separator in host-list...
2007-02-26 Philip HazelMH's patch for allowing control characters as list...
2007-02-14 Philip HazelAdded expansion items addresses, filter, map, reduce.
2007-02-06 Philip HazelAdd forany/forall (Marcus Holmgren's patch, basically).
2007-01-31 Philip HazelAdd ${rfc2047d: expansion.
2007-01-08 Philip HazelCast empty string to zero for numerical comparions... exim-4_66
2006-11-13 Philip HazelAdd bitwise logical operators to ${eval:
2006-10-31 Philip HazelAdd warning about missing colon to invalid expansion...
2006-09-18 Philip HazelCheck for overflow in numeric expansion conditions...
2006-07-27 Philip HazelAllow (?-i) to work as expected in a (n)wildlsearch...
2006-03-01 Philip HazelAdd ${time_eval: expansion.
2006-02-13 Philip HazelBetter debug diagnosis of malformed IPv4 addresses.
2006-02-10 Philip HazelAdd $auth1, $auth2, $auth3 variables.
2006-02-07 Philip HazelMore test commits.