Make {bounce,warn}_message_file expanded. Bug 2522
[exim.git] / test / src /
2020-03-14 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: make "client" util TLS variants more similar
2019-12-15 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: handle platforms having distinct bints for...
2019-12-08 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch ''
2019-10-27 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix uninitialsed vars
2019-10-17 Jeremy HarrisOpenSSL: full-chain OCSP stapling. Bug 1466
2019-10-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: use a %ifname appended to fe80:: ipv6 addres...
2019-10-01 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: take care with the net-10 zonefile when...
2019-09-30 Jeremy Harristidying
2019-09-28 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: src/client.c: handle long lines read back...
2019-09-01 Jeremy HarrisSupport TTL from SOA for NXDOMAIN & NODATA cache entrie...
2019-02-11 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: harden for TLS1.3 under GnuTLS
2019-02-10 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: harden for TLS1.3 under GnuTLS
2018-10-30 Jeremy HarrisMacOS: TCP Fast Open
2018-10-27 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: resulting output changes.
2018-10-26 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: variances for OpenSSL 1.1.1
2018-10-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: force non-TLSv1.3 for (OpenSSL) cert-variabl...
2018-10-14 Jeremy Harristidying
2018-10-14 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: client script faciility for handling optiona...
2018-06-27 Jeremy HarrisRestore rsmapd support
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'rspamd-removal'
2018-06-26 Jeremy HarrisRevert "Testsuite: limited support for Content-length:"
2018-04-15 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch ''
2018-03-25 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: move ed25519_privkey_pem_to_pubkey_raw_b64 to...
2018-02-06 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: Ed25519 signatures (GnuTLS 3.6.0 and later)
2018-01-28 Jeremy HarrisRouting: dnslookup and manualroute routers: ipv4_only...
2018-01-27 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: do not try folders we do not...
2018-01-19 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: munge output for platform variances in postg...
2018-01-18 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Try harder to locate the tools
2018-01-17 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Use more force to find postgresql binaries
2017-11-25 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into
2017-11-15 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: better debug output from "server" script...
2017-11-11 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into
2017-11-07 Jeremy HarrisTLS: support multiple certificate files in server....
2017-10-01 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'master' into
2017-09-19 Jeremy HarrisFix testsuite build for non-TFO platforms
2017-09-19 Jeremy HarrisTFO: early-data for client outbound via socks5 proxy
2017-05-07 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add DANE cases for DNS secure no-TLSA lookups
2017-05-07 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix fakens to not claim that an unsupported...
2017-03-13 Jeremy HarrisSync from master
2017-03-04 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: sys_errlist[] not supported on all platforms
2017-02-25 Jeremy HarrisDKIM: rework error logging to pass strings back to...
2017-02-25 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: add file-inclusion facility to "client"...
2017-01-28 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: testcase for DKIM bug 2029
2017-01-18 Josh Soref214 spelling fixes
2017-01-02 Jeremy HarrisPROXY: fix v2 protocol decode. Bugs 2003, 1747
2016-12-29 Jeremy Harristidying
2016-11-25 Heiko Schlitterman... Merge from master into
2016-11-12 Jeremy HarrisOpenLLS 1.1 - Testsuite
2016-11-08 Jeremy HarrisEnsure socket is nonblocking before draining. Bug...
2016-11-06 Jeremy Harristidying exim-4_88_RC4
2016-11-04 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: limited support for Content-length:
2016-11-02 Jeremy HarrisFix OCSP proof verification for direct-signed proofs...
2016-09-27 Jeremy HarrisDrain socket to get clean TCP FINs
2016-08-06 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'CHUNKING'
2016-08-02 Jeremy Harrisbasic & pipelined transmit testcases
2016-06-03 Jeremy HarrisMerge branch 'multiqueue_336': Named queues
2016-05-22 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix for 0574
2016-04-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: 0322 (pipelining errors) avoid triggering...
2016-03-03 Jeremy HarrisCutthrough: fix operation under -bhc to not actually...
2016-02-04 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: (more) complete usage message for server
2015-12-29 Jeremy Harrisupdate to pre-4.87 master
2015-12-16 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: GnuTLS version changes
2015-12-02 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: fakens: check for sys/socket.h
2015-11-28 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: permit "client" utility to pass trailing...
2015-11-25 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: fakens/inet_pton on solaris again
2015-11-25 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Add Ustrtok() to quieten solaris' compiler
2015-11-24 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Fix fakens parser for A and AAAA RRs
2015-11-24 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: fakens include unistd.h for sleep
2015-09-17 Jeremy HarrisDNS: time-limit cached returns, using TTL. Bug 1395
2015-08-12 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Add short help to server
2015-08-06 Jeremy HarrisDup GnuTLS test to OpenSSL
2015-08-05 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: Avoid requesting TLS cert-status requests...
2015-06-22 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: fakens may return AUTHORITY records
2015-05-23 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: move test.again.dns and handli...
2015-05-22 Jeremy HarrisDANE: do not fail/defer message due to TLSA lookup...
2015-05-20 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: Add support for authoritive answer to fakens
2015-05-18 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: move manyhome.test,ex handling from exim...
2015-05-12 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: locate fakens relative to the config_main_di...
2015-05-09 Jeremy HarrisSupport SOA lookup in dnsdb lookups. Bug 286
2015-05-08 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: fix build on older Linuxen
2015-05-07 Jeremy Harris Log lengthy DNS lookups. Bug 514
2015-05-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: interlock daemon startup with testcase run
2015-04-25 Heiko Schlitterman... Testsuite: add more help about options to client.c
2015-03-15 Jeremy HarrisSOCKS: as a client, talk SMTP via a socks5 proxy. ...
2015-02-09 Jeremy HarrisAdd retry option to clamd and spamd. Bug 392
2014-11-05 Jeremy HarrisDo not permit multi-component wildcards on certificate...
2014-11-03 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2014-11-01 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: tidying
2014-10-30 Jeremy HarrisFix cert-try-verify when denied by event action
2014-10-30 Jeremy HarrisTest suite: disable OCSP for old openssl part 3
2014-10-29 Todd LyonsTest suite: disable OCSP for old openssl part 2
2014-10-29 Todd LyonsTest suite: disable OCSP for old OpenSSL versions
2014-10-29 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: compiler quietening
2014-10-28 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: compiler quietening
2014-10-26 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: output changes for ipv6
2014-10-26 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: increase default "client" utility connect...
2014-10-26 Jeremy HarrisTestsuite: use different exit codes for various fail...
2014-10-20 Jeremy HarrisCompiler quietening
2014-09-23 Todd LyonsMerge remote-tracking branch 'exim_github/pr/18'
2014-09-02 Jeremy HarrisIntroduce EXPERIMENTAL_DANE feature